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Results with 50mg Testogel?


Hi im new here.

Due to an illness i cannot produce testosterone naturaly ( apart from what. is made in the adrenal glands ). I am currently on 50mg of testogel daily as testosterone replacement

My question is will i be able gain muscle bulk and definition from this amount. Or would moving up to 100mg daily make any difference.

Also does anyone know of any supplements i can add to help?



More T is more T, however, we need lab results and lab ranges. Please read the advice for new guys sticky and post more info.

If you have thyroid problems you may not be able to absorb transdermal T.

Anything that you can do to improve general vitality is helpful.

Your pregnenolone and DHEA-S should be tested as well.



I was wondering if you knew if 50mg of testogel would make me have more T than an average person?

Or if 100mg daily would definetly make me have more and how long it takes to kick in?


Depends if you absorb it. For those who absorb, 50mg typically does not take T levels to decent levels.

You are not going to get super-physiological doses from 50 or 100.


Thanks KSman.

I will ask the doctor to increase my dosage further than 100mg daily ( I can just say i dont feel good and dont think it is working ) , although im not sure whether he would do this.

Medicaly im not sure whether they would give me more, is there better ways to do this rather than gels?


It sounds like you are looking for "cycle" type dosages. You're not going to get that from gel.


Please read the advice for new guys sticky and the protocol for injections sticky. Read posts of others and see what the flow is.