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Results w/ Renegade style training

I’m getting some excellent results w/ this program I put together… just thought I’d share it with everyone. What do you guys think? As far as supplements … T2pro 3x daily & Methoxy7 (in light of everyones progress w/ a double dose… I’m going to start that today. I’ll keep everyone informed). I’m trying to cut up a little bit before I begin full-on bulking (I’ll post B&A pics before I begin). I absolutely LOVE Renegade Training… I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I’ve been using DB’s for my circuits, but I just placed an order w/ dragon door for a 1 pood kettlebell.

monday - DB/KB CIRCUIT:: 2 hand swing x 30, snatch x 20, 1 hand swing x 15 <<<>>> GPP x 5:: jumping jacks, shuffles, pushups, chinees <<<>>> WEIGHTROOM::: squat 5x3, chins 5x5, plate raise 3x15 <<<>>>WEIGHTED GPP:: sledgehammer work

tuesday pre-breakfast 20 minute HIIT - from Joel Marion-- sprint 20 seconds, rest 1 minute… (w/ the X-VEST for the first 10 minutes)

wednesday DB/KB CIRCUIT <<<>>> GPP <<<>>> WEIGHTROOM::: deadlift 5x3, bench press 5x5, dips 3x15 <<<>>>WEIGHTED GPP::: truck push

thursday pre-breakfast 10 min HIIT - sprint 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds

friday DB/KB CIRCUIT <<<>>> GPP <<<>>> WEIGHTROOM::: turkish get-up 2x5, lunge 3x3, skull crusher 3x8, glute-ham raise 4x8, barbell curl (w towel) 3x15<<<>>>WEIGHTED GPP::: sledgehammer work

saturday ACTIVE RECOVERY-- I walk up & down these stairs by this local toboggan (sp?) sled place for about 20-25 mins, then I push my truck around for a bit.

Please discuss the excellent results you are getting! =) How long have you been doing this? Keep up the good work, and I like the program. You may want to do some light GPP sometime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Don’t forget your rope and flexibility work!

do u seperate ur gpp workouts with ur lifting and you circuits? or do u to them all consecutively?

Well, this is the beginning of my 3rd week… All of my lifts are up, I’ve dropped 5 pounds and I still eat like a horse. I keep my diet pretty clean, but I’m not really keeping a footlog or tracking macro ratio’s. I’m really just making sure I’m not losing more than 2 lbs a week. I feel great all day after training, and my metabolism is just crankin’. Coach Davies is the man!

Jeremy - Thanks for replying! I suck with the jumprope, but I’m practicing. I warm up a little bit with it before I start training. I’m nowhere near good enough to run thru Davies’ style ropework. Yeah, and flexibility is another area I’m kind of lagging in… I do stretch, but I don’t really go thru a whole routine like I really should be. Do you like the Coach’s stretching routine he put in his articles? You think some moderate GPP on Tues. & Thurs. would be a good idea? How would you incorporate it? Right before the sprints… maybe? Any suggestions you can make would be very much appreciated.

Ryan - I do them in the order I wrote it. DB’s, GPP, Weights, Weighted GPP. All consecutive. It usually takes me about 90-100 mins to finish everything, but I’m trying to get that down. At first I kind of wondered about overtraining. I was wrong. I feel great all the time, I’m always excited about training, and I’m making gains! Not sure if you care, but I make my own recovery drink… I think thats helping… 25g kaizen whey, 50g malto, glutamine, bcaa’s & creatine. Any other questions, just shoot!

are u strickly a bodybuilder? or some kind of strength athlete?

Do you use the phase 1 program or the rendagde football traing book. Im broke so I can only afford the football book.

Ryan - I don’t really call myself a bodybuilder, but part of the reason I do train is for looks… so I guess I am. I’m really training for functional strength and conditioning. I’m trying to get back into shape for baseball next summer. I haven’t played in a while, and I want to be an allstar! I figured I’d follow the Coach’s guidelines for a bit and get used to the training, and I eventually want to get into his Renegade Baseball program. I think a little more mass would be a good thing for my game, so I’m sticking to a bodybuilder-esque Renegade routine (does that make sense?) for the winter (I’m trying to get as much time in the batting cage as I can, as well).

Gary - I have the football book, but I just took ideas from the Coach’s old posts here & and things from his articles. The DB circuits and GPP are killers… and since I’m trying to cut, I kept my weights heavy (a la Ripped, Rugged & Dense). If you’re training for a sport… I’d recommend you saved a few more bucks and purchase Phase 1. His football book is awesome, but as others have said… it’s just a compilation of drills and exercises. A full program is not really included. Hope this answers your question… Hey dude- what, exactly, are your goals?

IF you had the time, it would be a good idea to do the GPP on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a separate time from the sprinting. If you don’t have the time, you can attempt to do them after the sprinting.

As far as rope work goes, start doing it. Sure, it’s tough now, but I promise in about 3 weeks you’ll be doing MUCH better. Also, the flexibility conditioning is well worth your time. Check out some of Coach Davies’ flexibility articles to get a routine.

Good job Ryno. As jeremy said do not forget the rope work and range of motion work.

Coach Hale

what is rope work?
im going to renegade train when school is over.
Ryno u train siimilar to me, want to be strong, but still want to look good.

What is rope work? It is kickass!

check the article.

You’re definitely not overtraining. You could do more weighted exercise volume for sure. Also, as Jeremy pointed out, if you have time on Tues/Thurs you could add GPP work. Since I started doing Renegade training my work capacity has sky rocketed. Refer to my old posts for details or I can post again if you’re interested in my new Beta phase program that I made for myself. It’s quite fun.

I was concerned about overtraining because of the time it takes to complete everything. I guess I was wrong. I was thinking about actually throwing in a few more weighted exercises in the mix. I really need some work on my triceps, so I’ll work on that for sure. I’d like to work some heavy floor presses in, on maybe friday. I’m having trouble at the top of my bench press so I think some extra tricep work would be great. Thanks for everybodies replies! Machine, I’d love to see what you came up with for yourself… thanks, bud.