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Results w/ Clean Eating & a Few Supps


Hold on, let me get my shit shield up first, ok, there we go....:slight_smile:

So where are the throwback guys and gals, who actually just eat a very healthy diet, workout hard, and maybe just have a few supplements such as creatine, vitamin/minerals, fish oil, and the like to get their results?

I'm not totally saying you can't have a protein shake post wkout, but if you do, maybe it's just that one shake per day. And you don't go ape shit on all the workout window vast amounts of cho, and protein that is flung around at all of us every minute of the day??

Any brave souls left out there?

I'd love to hear from you.


I don't use any supps besides a multivit and fishoil and I am progressing very well at the moment. Mind you my protein intake is about 300g still


I am the same way. Multi-Vit, Fish Oil, and Protein Shakes (simple whey isolate) are the only things that I use, and I've been making great gains while maintaining 8% BF.


How many gm's per lb of bodyweight is that for you then? Just curious if you're around 1.5 or 2. or what..

Good to hear, keep on kickin ass.


Another winner!

That's about where I'm at, save a creatine/beta alanine gulp right before working out.
I'm pretty much using the protein for breakfast a lot of times with ground oats and mostly water and a smidgen of milk too. Just eating good, and have started having a food meal post wkout instead of the shake after all these years.

I'm excited to see what happens with my cut, especially with my ramped cardio regiman beginning Monday. Quite a few calories just got deleted from the pre/para/post wkout window, so that should help a lot right there. We'll see if I shrink up and blow away, lol..

Great to hear from you guys.


I do take in a lot of supps right now ,but I plan on cutting back in the next few months so I was hoping this thread would have gone farther. I'd say if you can match the amount of good nutrients decently well in your diet without supps you should be fine. I'll still use simple carbs and whey before and after workouts tho. It will probably do my body good to cut out all the supps (taurine, glutamine, creatine, beta alanine, tribulus, and various stimulants) for a little while anyway.

I'll never go without fish oils tho and probably not without a multi-vitamin either. If you think about it when you are bulking it would be ok to cut out some supps to save some cash for more food. I think supps are more important when cutting tho for the energy and psychological benefits. Even 5g of creatine is going to be more noticable when you are eating 2000 cals a day versus 4000 cals.

I do like having supps in my program ,but with all things considered (training, nutrition, dedication, consistency, intensity, etc.) how much is a few grams of something from GNC going to help in the long run?


I only supplement with whey protein for convenience & price. I take fishoil only when I get muscle spasm from grappling. All other macros I get from beef,veggies & broth


A few years ago i really only ever used Whey, a carb powder (WMS atm) and Creatine - the same can be said for now but i also use AAS.. :wink:

I can honestly say that the most effective supplement i have ever used was Whey (as in a powdered protein which meant i can get beyond 1g/lb).

The results i got when i first could afford to supplement protein regularly - and at more than 25g a day - were akin to AAS in the speed of growth.

I do not fall for supps as many do (Where is Jehovas Fitness anyway...?) - although i did when i was a young 18yr old newbie. So i honestly only like to use a few solid and proven products.


I use ZMA (not sure if it's BS) and drink milk + sugar for my PWO shake. Still growing...


I started carb cycling, was using creatine, fishoil, and vitamin E. Cut from 176 lbs to 165 lbs. Have pics if you need proof.


Milk and Sugar? I would prefer a little Nesquick instead.

When i was on a very strict budget i used to buy powdered skimmed milk and add it to real milk. This increases the Pro and Carb content significantly with no increase in fat (or volume!).

It is an idea i was given by a friend who had just been at her majesty's pleasure.