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Results on Mutation Series

I was just curious about what results everyone is getting with CT’s Mutation Series. From previous posts, it appeared to be causing quite a stir. I have finished the first week of phase one and everything is going well. Thanks in advance.

Hey Climbon,

I’m just finishing week number two. I am coming back from a month off, so it’s hard to tell if I’m gaining strength because of the program, or because I’m regaining old strength. However, either way it equals out to strength gains, which are always a plus! My traps and shoulders tend to feel the most soreness after the various workouts - the lean-away lateral raises in particular are killing me!

I have not noticed much in the way of fat loss, though according to his post on part 1, that’s not the goal. I am looking forward to phase 2 for fat loss, as I’m currently around 17%.

What have some of your real-food meals consisted of? I’m especially interested in your protein+fat meals.