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Results of the Jr. Cal

Congrats dude!!! Is Jay as big in person as he looks in a pic? I wonder what his best 20rep squat would be?

Excellent job, congratulations! Was anyone else even close?

Huge congrats!!

I kept checking the jr cal website all weekend and they had not updated it.

Any links to pics of the show?

If you look that good at 90% you are going to rule when you feel 100% again!

Good luck with your back, hope you feel better soon!

Knock 'm dead at the Universe and keep us posted!


Great job on the show. Good luck on the next one. Be sure to post some more pics from the show if you have any.
See Ya

Way to go Kiyoshi! Ronnie Coleman once did some guest posing at my gym years ago before he turned pro. I knew he was something special at the time and kept an eye upon him ever since. Mr. Moody, I am keeping my eye on you.