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Results of the Jr. Cal

Coming into the show as some of you may know I injured my lower back pretty bad. I was almost going to pull out of the show. But I sucked it up and competed.

I competed about 90% I dropped my water the day of the show. I didnt carb up until after prejudging. why? Trying to stay low carbs until a week before the team universe. I came into the show weighing 198 1/4 right where I wanted to be.

I won the light heavy weight class
Also won the Overall!!!

I can tell you right now I was just happy to win the light heavy class not expecting to win the overall, but things where in my favor.

Thank you T-Nation for your support!!!

All I have left is the Team Universe.


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Congrats Kiyoshi, job well done!!!


That’s awesome man, congradulations !!

Great job and Congrats

U looked to be in awsome shape.

How did u manage to compete with the bad back? My bad has always been fucked and when it plays up i can hardly move.

Once again Well done

ps-who’s that fat fucka beside u :smiley:

[quote]Mod Laurie wrote:
Congratulations! [/quote]

Thank you very much!!! One more to go

[quote]Chushin wrote:
Great job!


Thank you very much

[quote]Flow wrote:

Thank you for the pic on here!!!


I’ll see you at the Team Universe.


congrats man, and it really says something when you stand next to Mr. Olympia and still look pretty damn good.


wow very nice job


Congratulations! You look fantastic!

well done mate. hope the next comp goes as well for you!

Keep on lifting…


Great work and congratulations! Glad to hear that your lower back didn’t keep you from competing. I hope you feel 100% going into team universe. Good luck!

That’s Jay Cutler, right? Couldn’t recongnize him that well on the pic.

Congratulations! Keep it up!

Great work and good luck at the Team Universe!

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