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Results of Testosterone Blood Test. Ideas?


I was worried about my testosterone level so I did a blood test.

The endocrinologists said my testosterone levels are fine, but my LSH is kinda on the high end. He says this could mean my sperm isn't working well so he wants me sperm to get checked on fertility.

Well this already worries me enough but I also noticed that my testosterone levels are really on the low end. (even though the doctor said they are fine).

I'm gonna post the blood results test here and let's see if any of you guys have some thoughts about it.

Hemoglobine 9.6
MCV 87

Alkaline phosphatase 54
GGT 15

a1-foetoprotein 1.5

Cortisol 0.35
FSH 21.1
LH 6.1
Prolactine 309
Testosterone 17.1
Free testosterone 359
SHBG 33.0
T3 1.4
Free T4 17.8
TSH 2.80

Additional info:
I have never took steroids.
My age is 21
I take an anti-depressant (mild SSRI)
The test was taken around 11:00 a.m
Both my testicles were undescended and an orchiopexy took place when I was 10 years old.

Prior to the orchiopexy my doctor gave me hormones to see if that made the testes descend. It didn't. I don't know what the hormones were.
My testicles are small.

The blood test was taken in the Netherlands, Europe, maybe that is useful for used units or something?


P.S I see my prolactine levels are 309, isn't that ridiculous high?


Please edit your post above and add units and lab ranges. Most here cannot work with the numbers as is.

You were given large hCG injections.

LSH is low... is that LH or FSH.

A sperm count will be useful.

You may need to press for testosterone replacement to achieve the levels of a normal virile young man.


I think your Testosterone range is 8-29 correct?

17 isn't bad. It's free test that you want there.


I have no idea what the used units and test ranges are. I'm going to call my doctor to ask if he could mail them to me.


Always ask for a copy of the report. That is your right.


well I called the doctor and he's gonna calle me back about it next monday :S


I've been taking androgel 5g since Sept 08 (Test Levels=600). I checked them again in November (750ish). I wanted to get them higher, so I did some research on DMSO. Started rubbing Dmso on before applying gel and my numbers went up to 850ish. I noticed I was getting puffy because of the estrogen that comes with the increased test. So I added Arimidex .25-.5mg eod, HCG 200mg eod. I did this for about a month and was feeling unbelievable, so I was curious what my T-levels were. A week ago I got my Levels checked and they were 2,750ish. Since using the Arimidex, I'm not as puffy, but still feel great.


You mean 200iu HCG EOD, not 200mg HCG EOD. Interesting stuff this Dimethyl sulfoxide.


DMSO is good stuff, save for the disgusting mouth smell that comes along with it. I create my little own transdermal with it and MSM helps my shoulder inflammation quite nicely.


I hear it produces the taste of garlic and/or onions.


I've been using dmso since Sept. 08 and don't have any garlic taste or smell. Then again I brush my teeth and take a bath twice a day. If you didn't take a bath for a couple days you'd probably smell bad.


I read once that the bad smell was from by-product contamination. I have some that does not stink - from LEF.org

It is hard on the skin.


I agree. When I put it on before the androgel is turns my skin red like a rash and stings for about 30 Minutes. Your skin will get dry if it's and exposed area like your forearms. My lower ab and inner thigh don't get dry and irritated.