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Results of Squat, Lat Spec Program


I recently did a squat and lat (and forearms) specialization program.

The beginning portion of the program I was finishing up my summer cut, then switched to a lean bulk afterwards. It was over 11 weeks, but there was about 2 and a half weeks of traveling around weeks 3-5

My goals:
I wanted to lose (fat) then gain (muscle) 2 lbs over 11 weeks (incl traveling).
I wanted to increase my squat, ome low rep max by 20 lbs. Also
improve my technique, driving with my glutes out of the hole better and correcting a tendency to shift forward out of the hole.
As a secondary goal, I wanted to increase the size of my lats and forearms.

First, the program, grouped in supersets. I have spared the rep/set scheme to avoid cluttering this monster of a program further:
Low box squat or pause squat ME
Weighted Pullups
Reverse Wrist Curl

Walking Lunges
Rack Chins
Reverse Wrist Curl

Barbell Hip thrusts
Glute Medius cable exercise
Thib Pulldown
Wrist Curl

Squats with band on knees
One-arm Cable Pulldown
Wrist Curl

Bench Press ME: Bench Press, 2Board, Floor Press, Camb Bar Press
Farmer's Walks

Reverse Band Bench Press (if did ME 2B or FlP), 3Board Press (if BP or Camb Bar P)
Cable Rear Raises
Farmer's Walks

Incline Curl
Cable Forearm

Dumbbell Bench Press
Preacher Curl
Cable Forearm

Squats work up to 3, 4 or 5 RM
Wide-Grip Pullups

Bulgarian split squats
Cable Pulldown from incline bench

Glute Ham Raise
Cable Ab exercise
Kroc Rows

Reverse Hypers
Wide-grip cable rows

Military Press 5/3/1
Trap Bar Row

Pendlay Row

Rolling Extensions
Cable Row

Front Squats
Wide-Grip Pullups done with isometric pauses
Pinch Grip
Hammer Curl w fat gripz

front-squat lunges
Cable Decline Rope Pullover
Pinch Grip

Romanian Deadlift
Windshield Wipers
Cable Decline Rope Pullover
Pinch Grip
Wrist Roller

45 deg Back Extensions
Kayak Rows
Pinch Grip
Wrist Roller

the diet:
The beginning was a pretty standard low carb w one high carb day diet. I also did cardio on wednesdays and saturdays.

Afterwards I switched to leangains with carb cycling. So a 16-8 fast with
Monday: low carbs, medium fat
Tuesday: medium carbs, medium fat
Wednesday: low carbs, low fat
Thursday: low carbs, high fat
Friday: medium carbs, medium fat (often low since I would often drink friday nights, so I cut calories at dinner to limit fat gain)
Saturday: low carbs, medium fat
Sunday: high carbs, medium fat

I have starred the numbers that are significant. All measurements are some averages to account for fluctuation (for instance the last and first 3 weeks). Also, for the body measurements were first done by myself, then later by someone else, hence I give two measurements. they are week 1-7 and week 8-11

First, squat strength:
box sq: 255x1 from 225x1*
pause sq: 245x1 from 245x1
front sq: 270 x1 from 255x1*
Sq: 275x4/265x5 from 245x5*
bbhipthr: 455x4 from 425x5*

here are some body measurements:
LQuad: 22.7 from 22.3*. 22.4 to 22.4
RQuad: 22.25 from 21.9*. 22 from 21.9
Ass: 37.7 from 37.7. 37.4 from 37*

Looks like overall a success. My squat improved and I even gained sized on my legs and ass. My form has gotten much better, too.

Sometimes, though, the tuesday workout was hampered by sunday recovery, my squat varied wildly. Next time I specialize in squats I'll make Sunday ME and Tuesday DE work

On Lats:

PullUp: 125x3 from 95x3*
Kroc Row: 120x9 from 120x6*
widegrip pullups 45x6 from 35x4*

Chest: 41.5 from 41.5. 40.5 from 40.6
I figured Chest would be a good measurement for lats, as

Hard to say if they look bigger (I will show some pictures. However, they're only from week 8 to week 12 (one week after the program).
they got stronger though, so they probably got bigger

Plate DL: 130x3 from 130x3
Rev Wrist Curl: 40x16 from 40x13*
Wrist Curl: 100x17 from 100x14*
preacher reverse curl: 70x22 from 70x15 total reps*

LUnflexed: 11.75 from 11.7. 11.75 from 11.7
LFlexed 12.1 from 12.1. 12.1 from 12.1
RUnflexed: 11.5 from 11.5. 11.5 from 11.4
RFlexed: 11.9 from 11.75. 11.75 from 11.7

I have noticed they are getting more defined.

My overall strength:
Cambered Bar: 275x1 from 265x1*
2Board Press: 295x1 from 300x1
Military Press: 160x4 from 160x3. 145x8 from 145x6*
dumbbell bench press: 80x19 tr from 80x16 total reps*

The measurements were all pretty much the same. For instance:
Right Arm Flexed: 15.1 from 15.1. 15.1 from 15.

Body composition:
weight: 174.5 from 175
Though I did get to 173.5 about week 6. So I lost weight and gained it.

The waist measurements show little significant change, however. But 1.5 lbs isn't that much.
(measure above belly button, below rib cage, and above hip bone
Waist: 31 from 31.3*. 31.1 from 31.1. 31.7 from 31.6
30.2 from 30.3. 30.3 from 30.5*. 30.6 from 30.7

Questions? Comments?


Back week 8. Sorry for the poor posing and blurriness


week 12 (1 week after the end of the program)

I unfortunately do not have a pic from week 1. so this is just one month, but notice any differences?




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