Results of my First Cycle: Test + Deca

I’m 45 years old, and a regular lifter since I was in my 20’s with a few off periods when I did martial arts. I was suffering from what I thought were symptoms of low test which were confirmed by bloodwork - but my doc I think was too scared and ignorant to put me on TRT.

So about a year an a half ago, I started researching steroids and did my first cycle starting back in July for 12 weeks. I did 360 mg Supertest per week for 12 weeks mixed with 200 mg of Deca for 10 weeks. I was scared of hairloss and gyno - and I got neither. Well, maybe a little hairloss, but I can’t tell for sure.

I took 10 mg of Nolva a day during most of my cycle to offset massive bloat and to be sure to stave off any gyno. I then went on PCT starting with a shot of HCG followed by a 60/40/20/20 regimen of Nolva.

I started at 210 lbs with maybe 20% bf. Right now, I’d say I’m 12% bf and probably 200. It’s been 2 1/2 months since my last shot and I lost minimal strength that I gained from my cycle. I had added 40 lbs to my bench press and 30 lbs to my shoulder presses. I look way more muscular and leaner now.

My libido, which was dogsh*t before my cycle went through the roof especially during the last month on gear. I lost libido only for a week about six weeks after my last shot, but it bounced back pretty fast. Right now, it’s better than it was before my cycle. I don’t know whether somehow I “reset” my hormonal balance to something better as a result of the steroids, but it’s definitely a big improvement from before.

In April of next year, I’ll be doing another cycle. I’m not sure if I’ll up the doses or not. The last cycle was very low on sides, and I may just want to keep it that way. That said, it’s awfully tempting to maybe do 500 Test and 300 Deca, but I’ll be researching the wisdom of that until then…

Glad you had the results you were looking for. However, you should do some more research before you do your next cycle.

Nolva is not used in place of an AI. Read the AI and SERM sticky at the top of the forum. Also, HCG is not used for PCT, but rather during cycle to make PCT easier.

Also, if your doctor knows you have low test VIA blood testing and still wont give you a prescription for test, he’s an ass. Find a new doctor that will put you on TRT and get regular blood work done. The Over 35 Forum has a good TRT sticky.