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results of morning cardio while bulking?

For all who have done a bulking phase with cardio first thing in the morning, please report your results. Did you gain muscle and lose fat, or just stave off fat gains? How much cardio did you do and at what intensity? Did you supplement with FFAAs, BCAAs or Surge? How much was your calorie surplus? Brian

Berardi has covered this extensively. But it may have been in a paper T-mag. Basically he says not to do cardio in the morning if you’re bulking, just after training. The article at T-mag called “the essential berardi” may have a summary of all this. Check it out.

other schools of thought say you can do cardio first thing in the morning as long as you take bcaas during the cardio… how much is still a toss up. i think it was a minimum of 10g of bcaa or leucine or so, kelly bagget might know