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Results of Black Book Tests and How to Structure Program

Hi Christian,

I performed the tests that you have outlined in first section of the Black Book of Training Secrets (1 RM for various lifts, Max Reps @ 80% of 1RM to guestimate Fiber Type, and finally the test to estimate the Strength Deficit).

I found that I mostly fast twitch dominant for exercises such as the Dealift, Back Squats, Bench Press, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, and Equal Ratio with the Seated Calf Raises.

I also found that I have a Very Important Strength Deficit.

My goals are to continue with my current fat loss phase while maximizing strength and power production.

My question is this: Based on the results of these tests and my goals how can I best structure my training?

Would a pendulum approach be appropriate or would more of a block training approach as detailed in The Black Book be a better option(in conjunction with appropriate nutirition for the given phase)?

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.