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Result's of a 6-Month HGH Trial


Hey guy's a lot of propaganda and media hype circles around HGH as a super drug to build muscle and at the same time shed fat. I have been on pharma grade Humatrope at a minium of 3 i.u.'s up to 5i.u.'s my goal was to cut and I did,but did the hgh play a role?

Maybe,bit nothing like the f'in Bullshit the people that sell it say.I also used low dose test @ 100mg'd every 3-day's,as a my age of 54 high dose test only causes me to Bloat,especially my feet.
In my opinion Test is best and HGH is @ 2000.oo a month a giant rip-off please share with me your Personal Experience from Actually using HGH,as for those that a steroid Guru's,but never used a ass,hgh.your opinion is only speculation. all the best johnny


Holy fuck your over paying.


Not for true pharmaceutical HGH.


Still why in the world pay for that plenty of very reputable, very reliable, very good UGL seeking kits for under $200.


For the same reason people buy expensive clothes from a specific designer: glamour and feeling unique.


Those people make 0 sense to me as well haha.


under 200!

The cheapest I have seen was 230 for 100iu.

So fucking expensive... I just want a low dose for my skin to be all GLAMOROUS and such like all the hollywood kids.

Grab you shovel folks, time to go-a grave robbing for some cadaver hgh, whose with me?


Yes,you are Right!!! The thing is as a result of a private Insurance plan,i get ELi-Lilly's top of the line Human grade.I totally agree with you that I over pay!!! But with insurance paying i'd rather get the most Mother Fuck'in $high priced human grade as possible..Bro if I had to pay out of my pocket,at the most I could afford would be Jintropin @ $1600 for 3-packs of 100 i.u's Check -out Rich Piana's hgh talk.

according to Rich ,especially regarding IGF-1 he states all IGF_1 is fake!!!!! also Anavar is big time fake,he mentio's a company in Mexico that is Legitamate. This is in regard's to UGL'S, Anavar is legally RX in the U>S>A>,but not in my country Canada.Thank-you I am in total agreement with you.Johnny


I always thought at the prices I can get it it was fake as well but after watching more than a few of my partners running it and seeing effects I know its real... Or at least something that's awesome in its self haha. Really surprised you didn't see much with legit Pharma Grade GH. Even with the UGL stuff we have access to I watch guys recomp very well after a few months and the amount of shitty food they can eat and still stay relatively lean or at least not get fatter is pretty insane.


BRo: Im not $rich enough to even (Act Rich) I only get it because of my excellent Private Insurance.Bro I investigated ugl's in regard's to HGH,my main concern was? IS it REAL?? and will it degrade during shipping.The thing about hgh is aside from joint-pain the user can't for sure assess it's effectiveness,especially when used without AAS. thank's john


Cool. I was a former competitor and used primarily DElatestryl.AKA test Emanthate.I personally can attest to the effectiveness of Test:Ant Ester.Basically in the late 1978 to 1988 all juice was dr. Rx and authentic,but HGH didn't exist,well it did,but in a crude form extracted from the Pituitory gland of deceased human's and some say Monkey's,that where the brain eating disease originated from.thank's john

  1. 5-8 IUs ED would've probably be more optimal for your goals and age.

  2. GH is very effective for recomp however, genetics play in how the excessive hormone is utilized.

  3. GH is effective, but not a 'miracle' drug by any means.

  4. Like other posters said, your GH is higher than most, those are like 1990s pricing;
    Not every can afford upper tier human-grade so, the emergence of Chinese raws made
    the GH market more competitively priced; even if its underdosed, you have to run more ( 2000 is like 6-8 months supplies by reputable labs).

Just my opinions.


What kind of dose/timing are people having results with? IM, subq, IV?