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Results of 216, Back to Talk to Doc


Had my yearly physical with all bloodwork the other week and nurse called to go over results, said my test was low at 216 and I needed to come back to speak with the doc about it. I asked doc about this before when my results were in the 300's when he stated that he believed that "no man at any age should be below 400" but he couldn't help me unless my results came in under 240, which they do now...

This guy is a family doctor, I have no idea how knowledgeable he is about T replacement but I'm about to find out. About me, I'm 35, 6'2" @ 225 lb and probably around 20% bf now (mostly mid section per low test). Obviously I'm after the training benefits here, but welcome any other sides. I know I want to be in the 800+ range, should I just go in asking for 100mg test cyp or 1.0 mg arimidex? Would one benefit me more than the other? Any other issues I should know about before I go back to speak with him?


Hey man, sorry I don't have answers to your questions. I'm just wondering, as I'm in a similar situation (35, @210 and say 18%bf). How do you feel right now? How has training been?

I just came back from my initial visit with my doc and I'm waiting for lab results. But the thing that interests me is that I'm in pretty good shape - just not as good as I'd like. Additionally, keep fat off and staying strong seems darn near impossible for me.

Basically I'm just interested in how athletic or strong you are at your current test level. (if you don't mind sharing that info?)


How about trying 100 mgs a week in multiple shots with out AI. Retest after 5 weeks. We do not start people with T and AI because it not a good practice. Oh just throw in 1 mgs for the hell of it. NO do not think so..


Hardasnails, is 5 weeks your standard for retesting after initiating TRT? My doc defaulted to 90 days, I'm trying to decide whether to push for something sooner. (I'm not on AI or hCG).


You def want to test before 3 months.

OP - how do you feel? Do you have any symptoms other than the midsection fat? Be aware that once you start TRT it is for life. With him being a family doctor, chances are he isn't going to be "up" on the latest TRT protocols/practices. He needs to be willing to provide T, hCG, and AI with regular blood work.


One of the stickies said to start Al with first injection, I also thought it would help since I carry fat on chest and lower back which I thought could be tied to higher E levels.


Doc perscribed test cyp, 200mg every 2 weeks (200mg/ml)... After reading info here I plan to inject .25 ml every 3 days to = .50 ml week = 100 mg week... Plan is to return for blood work in 6 weeks to retest, will update then.


Symptoms that led me to this point were fat gain and muscle loss (well maybe just inability to build muscle, not a bb) with no changes in diet or workout, mood changes and libido. Having some issues being cold, thought I was having some circulation problems along with brittle nails (something new to me). Hopefully this will help.


Your symptoms are starting to sound like hypothyroidism.

Check your waking body temps and a few times during the day, record and report back after a few days.

Using iodized salt?
Iodine in vitamins?

Post lab results and ranges. Get copies of lab reports.

Any TSH, T4 or T3 data?

What stickies have you read?



You often recommend iodized salt. And based on your recommendation I have starting using iodized salt. My question is how much iodized salt should one take to help optimize thyroid function? (I used no salt at all previously.)


you really need TSH tests and cortisol tests before you jump into HRT - even if Testosterone is a true problem, treating it will stress your other systems and if they were sub-optimal to begin with, you will simply develop new problems and your treatment plan will be much longer and more complicated.


No hard and fast rules. Body temps would be useful.