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Results! It's Addictive Now

Okay, I was really getting discouraged. I had been doing starting strength for waaaay too long, and many of my lifts hadn’t progressed…and at the rate I was going, I would be on starting strength until my 50s (I’m 35).

I finally decided to take the advice and switch from starting strength (told it was stale…that my body had adapted and refused to cooperate!).

Anyways, that’s not even my point. I’ll get to it because it’s just so DAMN COOL.

My squat went from 145 to a current 245 (that’s 3x5). I know a lot of that is nervous system, but still, that’s a dramatic increase for me.

I play hockey. I used to be fast. Now I’m not. Haven’t been in years and I was okay with that. Well, let me tell you, the start of this season was something else.

I amFAST. Like, faster than I was when I was 20. I’m talking overtaking people who had 8-10 strides on me. It was like – hey, I’m catching up, no, wait, I’m PASSING them.

There’s one thing to see the muscles in the mirror. And it’s really cool to see the results in a practical (sport) way.

After seeing how all that hard work had real world applications…and how it translated into an actual sport, that it makes me want to hit the gym harder. Make better gains. Guess it kind of becomes addictive.

Yes, it do. :slight_smile: