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Results from WS4SB

Im looking to gain size, and i just wondered what results people have got from WS4SB and in what time period?

What are you expecting? It’s a modified Westside lifting template. You won’t gain jack shit if you’re not eating to gain. Try it out and you’ll be happy.

do you play any sports?
are you looking for size gains only?

If you dont play any sports and are not looking for strenght gains, you should look into a hyperthrophy program(Waterbury, Thibadeu), this way youll get more bang for your buck, my 2 cents.

I’ve started WS$SB about 4 weeks ago, and so far I’ve gained about 8 pounds. Most of that is due to eating, I’m eating like crazy but my strength improves every week. I’ve added 20 lbs to my bench, 30 to my deadlift, and 20 to my squat in that month’s time. I Like it so far.