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Results from Two Neurotype Tests. Am I a 2B or 2A?

My results say 2B but I am confused.

2B: 40
3: 35
2A: 34
1B: 18

2B: 36
3: 27
2A: 25
1B: 16
1A: 2

Why? It is pretty straight-forward to me. I don’t personally see you as a 2A because the type 3 score is too high. It is very common for type 2A to have 3-4 scores that are fairly similar (first result certainly indicate it) but rarely does it include a high type 3 score.

I’m not saying that you can’t be a 2A, but my personal assessment would be a 2B.

Thanks for the clarity and it was definitely money well spent. I was on the verge of trying high intensity/low volume routines so apparently I need lower intensity and higher volume. I work in a warehouse five days a week and am constantly lifting 20-50 pounds and over. I have found it very hard to stick to a routine because I am up at 6am for work and usually pretty tired when I get home.

I was thinking that shorter and more intense workouts would complement my job but apparently I need to try lowering the intensity and going for the pump. Anyways, thanks for your timely response.

Well, you CAN use lower volume higher intensity… absolutely. 2Bs respond better to training that gives a better muscle feeling. You don’t necessarily need volume to do that. You can use a very low volume with intensification methods like rest/pause, drop set, and the likes.

Okay that is very interesting. Basically, it is important to make sure that the weight isn’t too high and the reps too low like less than 6? Medium to high reps with lots of intensity but less volume in other words? Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate you taking time oit of your busy schedule.