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Results from the Anabolic Diet


Hi I started the AD on the 6/08/07 @ a weight of 169 lbs and 22% fat (based on fat scales). At the end of the first 12 days I weighed in @ 164.5 lbs and 22% fat. I then had the fist carb up weekend and did another 5 days of low carb, and this morning weigh in was 165.5 lbs and 22% fat.
I was fistly confused as to how my weight went down 4.5 lbs, but I stayed at 22% fat and now I have gained 1 lb, but am still 22% fat.
I calculated that I should be eating around 3000 cal per day based on the formula in the book. I calculated the first days food, but then ate roughly the same stuff without calculating for the rest of the 12 days.
During these last 5 days I have not eaten as much as 3000 cal.
I train 3 sessions per week, but do not do any cardio.

My main foods throughout the day are sausage, cheese, mackerel, salad, olive oil, pork rinds and nuts.
I was thinking that from mon I should cut down on these foods and add more lean meats and veg.

Would that do the trick.
Should I also add some cardio.


Hey Man,

I've tried the AD diet with much success a couple different times. You can see my progress pics on this site, just search for them. There is an easy answer for your question. Even though Dr. D says you can have any protein or fat while staying low carb, this doesn't mean you have to.

Take a look at your food choices. Cheese, suasage, pork rinds? Come on dude, you know better than this! Chicken breast, turkey, egg whites (with some whole eggs mixed in), lean steak and beef, olive oil, flax oil, EFA oil, almonds and natty peanut butter(watch carbs). Stick with these during the week then enjoy your weekends.

If you really want to get lean, keep your weekend load relativly clean while still getting enough to replentish glycogen stores.


You're expecting miraculous results after only 3 weeks? Come on man be serious! It takes a couple months before the AD really takes full effect and you see any noticeable changes. Follow the plan to a T and don't make modifications. Also, as titan strength said, watch your food choices.


Thanks guys for the advice. I must be getting confused with the rules of the diet. I assumed that you need to be eating 60% fat, 35% pro and 5% carbs. I thought it was these ratios that made the diet work so succesfully. Now that I know that I should be eating better foods I will make better choices.