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Results from Test Using HCG Monotherapy


Here are my latest results using 750 iu HCG E3D. I only have T and E but I am thinking these look pretty good. I will do a more complete blood test is a month or 2. I have been on this protocol for about 5-6 weeks.

I don't think there is anything else I could do to get better numbers except maybe lower my E a little more. I am afraid to do that though because I don't know what dosing I would use given I only have .50 mg capsules. I might try liquidex but still don't know about that as I would like to make sure I am getting pharmaceutical quality.

If anyone has any suggestions of comments let me know.

One more thing. My total T could go higher but I think that would push my over the limit on bioavailable T. My SHBG was 9 when I started and I think this is why my free levels are where they are w/such low total T. Hey, its the BAT we care about anyway right?

Testosterone Serum 492 241-827
Tesosterone %free + weekly bound 45.1 9.0-46.0
Testosterone F+W Bound 221.9 40.0-250

Estradiol Sensitive 31 3-70



What were your starting numbers? Your TT is just in the mid-range now.

I'm going in for a blood test tomorrow. I'm on HCG mono too, 500iu 3x/wk. I am interested to see my numbers. Pretty sure they've gone up, but I don't feel a remarkable change. Before therapy, my TT was 284 (400 - 1080). Really hoping to get into high normal.


Have you tried manipulating the dosage/frequency? You would get the same amount if you were to use 500 EOD instead of 750 E3D.

How do you feel?


My numbers have been all over but always below 300. I have been as low as 212 and has high as 286.

I have not tried changing the dosage. My understanding is that the HCG lasts about 4 day's. I could be wrong on this because I am recalling from my poor memory. So, would 500 EOD boost my levels? I guess I could see.

My only concern is that my bioavailable/free T is now at the top of the range even though my total T is only 492. I have low SHBG so I am sure this is why my total T is not high but free T is almost at the top. I am thinking if I get my Total T any higher my free T will be out of range which I wouldn't argue w/for a short while every now and then but not long term.

I am thinking that I might just be able to get by w/lower total T then most. After all it's free T we care about right?

As far as how I feel I would say WAY better then I have in a long time. I can actually work out w/out getting fatigued. I recover quicker etc... I am also pretty darn horney as of late. (Probably more info then you wanted.) : )



Some docs to not even check TT, only FT or bio-T.

Nice to be at the top of range, but was the range age adjusted and how old are you. You want to be top of range for a young man, not an old man.

You would feel better with E2 closer to E2=22pg/ml. Try .5mg anastrozole per week. You should feel changes in two weeks or sooner. 500iu EOD may work better and be easier on the LH receptors as well.

The testes need DHEA to make T. You might do well with some DHEA as a supplement. If you test DHEA levels, you need to test for DHEA-S, not DHEA.

If cholesterol levels are low, all steroid hormone levels can be diminished.

If hCG increases T, LH was low. And the reason for that is? And could that same problem affect thyroid and other pituitary functions.... yes. The testes may still be changing physical structure and things might improve more still.

If libido is not up, adex might help. If lower E does not increase or restore libido, then one needs to consider elevated prolactin problems. Without more details... this can't go much further.


check your vitamin D levels as this can help HCG work more effective.


Thanks KSman and Hardasnails. KSman the range was a LabCorp range for Free and Weakly bound T. I don't think they had my age so I am assuming the test was not age adjusted.

I have some Arimidex so I will try as you suggest. I had my DHEA-S checked a while back and it was good then but I might go ahead and add some in just to help it then retest it on my next blood test.

Yes, My Hypothosis is that my sleep apnea (I use a CPAP) has caused my Low T along w/being insulin sensitive (Low SHBG + show signs of insuling sensitivity like gout etc.) Has messes up something w/my pituitary. I also realize T can make sleep apnea worse so I am keeping an eye on this. I've been to many Dr's and none have an answer so I am relegated to trying to feel the best I can w/educating myself. I exercise regularly am about 19% bf. I know this needs to cut down. The funny thing is some have called me a bodybuilder. I am very stocky and retain muscle easily.

Hardasnails - I have some D3 at home and will start taking it. I bought it when I read an article about most Americans being deficent but never took it. I will start today. Thanks..