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Results from HTT


I've done a search but can't find much in the way of people posting actual results from a full 8 week HTT cycle.

Has anyone done the original cycle who can post improvements in lifts etc?

I tried it once using the original split CT recommends but due to overtraining issues with legs/traps altered it so that it went from:

Snatch day
Clean day
Jerk day
Remedial day

to something like:

Snatch day (mon)
Bench day (Tue)
Squat day (Thurs)
Jerk day (Fri or Sat)

With this split I gained well but was wanting to see how people using the original split have gone.




Both DrStu and I have used it a couple of times and think it is great.

How did you set up your program of it?



when i remember to pick up my training log from the last couple of months i'll give you the results, put it this way they were very good and the carry over to sports was good (but westside has beaten it!).



That'd be good DrStu - Btw what sport do you play? I am based in England too.

Hyphenz - Not sure what you'd like me to break down exactly. I put down the days I focused on a particular lift already and as you can see didn't really follow the original model. Gained well all the same. Set new PB's at my weight then in bench and squat. But I am looking to do HTT closer to the original model now.


Rick, rugby is my game and the caryy oer was very nice and i'd reccomend that snatches be part of any programme for conditionong purposes as they are so beneficial.

I've found my bok and the results are as follows:

snatch from floor 47.5 improving to 80g for an easy 1

powerclean 62.5 to 100kg

split jerk from 62.5kg to 102.5kg

just bear in mind that these results were mainly due to improvement in form and I can't gaurantee that the same will happen for you! kidding, if these are newish exercises then you'll gain great on them. I set up my week as:

Snatch from floor
snatch from pins
snatch grip deads

Powerclean from floor
clean pull from floor (to clavicles)
back squat

Split jerk
Push press

I didn't do remedial day as I could't be arsed to and just did some pushups and the like instead.

hope that helps if you need any more info drop me a note.



That shows a great improvement mate. I'll see how my program goes. I am gonna try to follow the original program pretty much, with a bit more lats work thrown in.