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Results from HRT, Results from Low Doses


Since there has been a lot of discussion as to what the minimum effective dosage of AAS is to illicit a physiological response I thought I would offer my own results...

I started my HRT program back in August 2011 as a result of feeling sluggish and not having the same energy I use to. I was prescribed an initial dose of 200mg Test Cyp weekly and 200mg Deca weekly to help with joint pain from old sports injuries as my current profession is very physically demanding.

I am 6'2" and prior to HRT, I cruised at about 225 pounds - 10%bf. My fiancé' is a popular trainer and created a meal/wkout program for me to test for cutting. I ran the plan just prior to starting HRT. I am not a big fan of cutting but wanted to see where I could get to with clean diet and specialized workout program for cutting. Result 200lbs, 5.4%bf (Hydrostatic Bodyfat Test) on 2 month cutting plan all natural.

I finished that plan and then immediately started HRT and my fiancé created a bulking program for me as I was not a huge fan of the ultra lean look, I like some bulk and feel better. Under a month I was back to 220lbs +/-, still lean. Under two months I was up to 230lbs, still lean. Now at 240lbs and still fairly lean at 9%.

Over a month ago I dropped the deca and remained on 200mg of Test Cyp each week. I am currently 240lbs at 9%bf and holding strong. I noticed not much difference dropping the deca. I can still move the same weight, perhaps if I had to over analyze maybe I have slightly less strength, maybe. I still workout with virtually the same weight I used prior to HRT. My ballpark maxes are 500lb+ deadlight, 150lb Dbells - incline bench for reps, 365 flat bench, 120lb dbells on seated overhead shoulder press for reps, etc. I have been going easy on the squats because they started flaring up issues with my knees and IT bands again.

As for my bloodwork. Not bad but my liver enzymes and estrogen are up a bit. So I have been talking about dropping the test even lower to see if I can drop the levels down that way rather than upping the Arimidex or adding something else. My RBC was getting to the higher end of the scale so I just went and had a therapeutic phlebotomy which seems to have worked well as a preventative measure and I think I just feel better in general from it.

Thought I would pass along my results as I often see posts on this forum of people wondering what results might be from minimum dosages. I know many people said I would not get any physiological effect from such a low dose. I know my fiancéâ??s plans are excellent but considering I have never been 240lbs before I would say the minimum dosage is working just fine. Prior to HRT the most I weighed was probably 235 but I was probably 15%bf too.

To sum it up I would say great results can be had on low dosages of Test in my opinion. 200mg Test Cyp and up 40lbs bodyweight (200lbs to 240lbs) with a bodyfat increase from 5% to 9%.


200mg Cyp/wk is a low dose???

What does this post have to do with HRT?


I'm not here to debate with you what you consider a high or low dose. I am just giving you my results on what I was prescribed for HRT.


lol but the entire premise of your post was that "great results can be had on low dosages of Test..."

You were not on a low dosage of test, at least from an HRT standpoint, so your conclusion is...odd


Sure buddy. Regardless, all I can offer is this is MY prescribed dose. May be on the higher end for HRT but from an overall perspective low. I really dont think it would make much diffrence if I was on 100mg/wk. In fact, I am currently discussing dropping to 100mg to see if I feel the same on the lower dose. No need to take more if the same results and feeling of well being can be had on half the dose.


So you don't think there is any difference, physiologically, between 100 mg a week and a dose double that of 200 mg? Your conclusions are getting odder and odder.

This is probably the most logical thing I've read yet in this thread.


Shouldn't this thread be posted in the steroids section?


I really dont know if there is a physiological diffrence because I have never taken half the dose myself. What's odd is you did not already realize that based on what I wrote.


I'm sure if you look really closely, you can see the circles you are talking yourself in. Can't tell if you're retarded or not, but you certainly have an odd grasp of the English language.


Hmmm. Well I am quite positive that I am better educated that you for one. Second, if that avatar is a picture of you, I would definately go adjust your protocol because you appear to be holding a significant amount of water or perhaps you are just fat. Hopefully that was basic enough English for you to understand.


Ok Mr. Nameless Faceless Anonymous T-Nationer...thanks for your contributions to this thread there, big chief...all of your posts reek of defensiveness though--you may want to get your estrogen in check.


Hey genius, "Mr. Nameless Faceless Anonymous T-Nationer" pretty much describes everyone on here.

Furthermore, I have read threads on here over a long period of time and each time your stupid avatar pops up the post is always a shit talking response. Which is usually out of line and sucks for the poor bastard who is just trying to learn something. Judging by the size of your gut and face I would say you are probably the one who should be getting your estrogen checked.

It is a rare day I find time to post on here or care to... How do you have time to post so much in between all of the cheeseburgers and "so-called powerlifting"(lol) sessions...


you certainly seem to be obsessed with my bodyfat levels...perhaps some latent homosexual tendencies? Or are you just that worried about your own body image that you project that onto other people?



I dont think that is the issue but thanks for putting some thought into it. Again, my initial post was merely my results based on my prescribed protocol. Nothing more, nothing less.



What are your T levels at 200mg a week? Do you have to take an AI to manage estrogen levels?

Btw what is your diet like to get down to sub 10% BF levels do you have a sample day of meals?