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Results from HOT-ROX Extreme?


Hey, just curious as to what type of results anyone has seen during a fatloss phase with HOT-ROX? And more importantly, would this supplement be safe for an 18 year old to take (hypothetically, ofcourse)?


Do some research on its most important ingredient: Yohimbine HCL.
The stuff works, but don't expect wonders - you still have to work up a sweat at least.
And try to avoid insulin spikes for 2-3 hours after taking it: they blunt YHCL's efficacy.

As for results: fat around midsection / lower belly steams off faster. Especially when going pretty low on calories and using a low carb diet.


Looking a bit emaciated in your avatar, Fatty, did you take too much HOT-ROX? :wink:


I did Thib's Get Jacked Fast and used HOT-ROX Extreme. Results were great, got the leanest I've ever been in my life (Im a easy weight gainer, hard fat loser) BUT my diet was solid, did everything by the program. I think it was really the combination of the two that got me my results, but HOT-ROX definitely helped.


HOT-ROX is a great addition for fat loss. Fatty Fat is right, insulin spikes do blunt or halt yohimbine. If you are carb cycling, like I am, you should take it on your low days and avoid them on your high days.

Other than that, they are the best smelling supplement I've taken. Well, except for chocolate mint whey powder. That stuff smells like Thin Mints you get from Girl Scouts.


Burnin' like a turnip. ;(