Results from High Step-Ups?

I’m looking for something to add to my leg workout, which is currently comprised of back squats, leg press and calf raises. I dislike the term, but I’m looking for a “finisher”.

My new gym has this heavy-duty, height-adjustable ledge station and I remember reading an article here about doing weighted step-ups on one of these.

Does anybody use these as part of their routine, and do you consider it an effective movement?

Why is there no direct hamstring work in your leg workout?

[quote]Fandango wrote:
Why is there no direct hamstring work in your leg workout?[/quote]

I have a separate deadlift day which gives me a lot of hamstring work…

I haven’t trained them in YEARS because I didn’t really see them making sense on a long-term basis. I remember I didn’t get much more than some ass involvement outside of my hips, personally. It’s nice to get some good conditioning in with lifting exercises sometimes… but I’d rather do lunges at that point.

IMO just do any kind of lunge variation (walking ftw) or some good mornings (you can even keep em light at 8-15 or w/e if it’s a finisher) and call it a day.

EDIT: NVM about Good Mornings if you get hammie shit from DLs. I’d still do lunges instead of step ups any day.

Yea man

Lunges are a better option. I can not see doing step ups after leg presses and squats.

Would you be doing DB or BB steps anyway?

Whatever man, just do lunges