Results from Full Body - Squat, Push, Pull

Full Body - Squat, Push, Pull - Leader 17 / Anchor 4
Ever since reading Forever 5/3/1 I’ve been wanting to try this template, for some reason it massively appealed to me, My conditioning goals as been met, therefore I had the time to dedicate myself to a program with mass gain as the prime goal, the templates I had written down was BTM, BBB, and Leader 17. As I said Leader 17 appealed to me more, I liked the thought of squatting 3x a week again, plus the mental attitude towards for windowmakers.

The Program
I don’t want to write out the template, I’m sure for everyone who has forever will knows what the template looks like, and for yous who don’t, buy the book you won’t regret it! The ONLY change I made was 50-100 weighted chins on the Monday, as I do 50 reps of chins before touching a barbell (thanks again Jim!) I changed it to 50 reps of rows. For assistance I chose Triceps Push downs, Dips, Shrugs, Face Pulls and Wheel Rollouts.

I done 2 Leaders, deload, 1 anchor, deload, than a TM test week. (I’m not sure if the TM test week was to be on the second deload, but i wanted to be extra fresh for my test)

For conditioning, I done some airdyne on off days, in the morning of lifting days I done some sort of running as I’m Joining the Royal Navy, I wanted to keep my 1.5 mile at a steady pace, and a gentle 3 mile run.

Gym time averaged just less than 1.5 hours, this includes Agile 8, Jumps/Throws, 50 chins, main work, assistance work and cool down.

I’ve never ate so much in my life, I kept it strict on weekdays eating 15 eggs a day, 3 bowls of oats and some chicken with rice, on weekends I spend a lot of time with the other half so I pretty much ate whatever I wanted as long as it was over 3000 calories. Eating 15 eggs was rough for the first few weeks, a few times the other half kicked me out of bed!

The Results
Body weight 78kg - 85kg

Back squats - 125x(easy)1 — 115 x 8 (142.5)
Bench Press - 70x11(95) — 87.5x7 (105)
Deadlift - 160x1 — 145x7 (174)
Press - 42.5x9 (54.7) — 50x6 (58.1)
(The bold are estimated 1 rep maxes)

I’m very happy with my strength results, as this program isn’t designed for strength I’m surprised by the results, I personally think the added weight helped my strength a lot. The size gain was tremendous too, there of course is some fat, but from the widowmakers my legs absolutely blew up, I have to buy a whole new set of jeans and shorts, my baggy lounge trousers aren’t so baggy! The only downside of having bigger legs is that it makes something else appear smaller! My back, especially upper back blew up as well from all the shrugs, face pulls, chins and rows. My traps are showing through my shirts and it looks awesome! T-shirts went from a Medium to a large, there’s a few people that was actually questioning what I was actually on!

I also learned that simplicity is key! Eating simple foods, Having a simple laid out program, doing the program correctly, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The widowmaker sets was more mental than physically, I learned that as long as my mind is switched on, my body won’t give up on me.

What will I do next? I’m not sure not yet, I’m currently taking another deload before switching up the template, I may go after a 200kg deadlift!

Thank you for reading, and thank for Jim!


Nice work man!

Haha. Gross.

Good on you for putting in an honest effort and getting results you wanted. Way to go