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Results from Endo, Advice Please

posted previously about possibly starting hrt and unfortunately not one person responded. Although it looks like I’m a new member I’ve been a member for several years. My previous sign on was my whole name and I wasnt comfortable using that so I changed. Here are my lab results. h/h was 14.2 and 41.6. TSH 1.53. FSH 2.2… LH 1.9. Estradiol 21.0. Prolactine 6.1… Test.266… Feel lethargic and libido is poor. Waiting for the second test results to come in before my Dr.starts me on HRT. He said if the results were similiar then he would start me on test. replacement. I’m 6’5 280 bf 15%. Wait other questions shou8ld I be asking?

I don’t know anything about it. You might try the steroid forum…they might be able to help more.

csman, you are on the right forum. The steroid forum has good info, but it’s not the place to go for hrt info.

I’m sure ksman, knb, or happydog will chime in. They are our guru’s. Sorry if I missed others.