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results from EDT


Last week i finished 8 weeks of EDT (4 on phase 1, 4 on phase 2.) The results are incredible. Not only can I tell a difference in my size (much bigger, and been on a cutting diet the whole time) but now that I have finished my third of 4 workouts on a new strength phase, I couldnt believe how much stronger I have gotten. By far the most ever coming out of a hypertrophy/high intensity workout. Now that quite a few weeks have passed, I'm assuming most of you are onto new workouts, and I want to see if you have the same results.


I have spent 5 weeks on phase 1. I feel it is the most effective program I have encountered in 16 years of training. I spent 5 weeks doing it with 70 daily sprays of androsol combined with good protein and creatine. bodyweight went up 7 pounds with better definition in my gut. I think the program rocks.


Agreed!!It rocks!!I started out with the regular EDT and 2 weeks later decided to tackle the arms EDT.And it is 2 weeks since that now and my arms have grown almost half an inch.I love the principles of this program even though people look at you like a freak in the gym,Sweating your ass off with the red red face.But heh when a couple of people tried to say something to me i welcomed them to join cause in my opinion this is what seperates the men from the boys and those who want it bad enough!!!I am going back to the regular EDT this week cause i am pleased "right now anyway" with my 17 inch arms.I will incorporate delts into the original program though just because i lack in delts ,however the principles will stay the same.Anyhow it does indeed rock and it's the best thing i have ever stumpled upon in my 5 years of training!!!!!


were you on any supplements while you were doing EDT? I am on cutting phase too and if it can put on mass even while cutting then sign me up. I am probably gonna try it with some creatine and BCAA's. thanx


yes, the looks from everyone, gotta love those. or when they ask "can i work in" and you say "yeah in about 8 minutes" and get the nasty look. but yeah, since my last strength phase, i have gone up about 9-10% (most ever following hypertrophy, usually average about 3-5%), and yeah much bigger. everything. TO AL: i took creatine, glutamine, and lots of fish oils. i actually upped the calories a little bit too. now im just waiting for EDT phase 3-10!!