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Results from CT's Lactic Acid Training

Or, more accurately, from the program listed in his “Destroying Fat: War Room” article

Just wondering if many (dieting) people have tried this. What kind of results did you see from it?

I know there is a specific thread about it, but it seems to have stagnated.


I did 400 and 800 meter sprints all last summer for soccer along with lifting 3x a week. Unintentionally lost 21 lbs. Was obviously not eating enough. Now, since injury, I’m much more into lifting.

I lost a lot of muscle (especially upper body), so be careful.

Bottom line: it works, albiet too well.

It works and it works well. Combined with his Refined Physique article I had great results. I lost about 18lbs and made strength gains.

Check my profile for pics. I took them after doing the program for a few months at the end of last year. I’m doing it again now, but using a keto diet, will post pics when I feel I’m finished.

Also read thru the article discussion of both articles. Lots of good info, any questions just post in the thread of the article.

Agree that it works.

Experienced my fastest rate of fat loss when I applied the split, principles and workouts.

I think the key is the lactate focus. Whether you use 400m sprints, circuits, tabatas or whatever, just focus on lactate production and you’re well on your way to jacking up your rate of fat loss.