Results From Creatine & BETA-7

Hey guys have any of you all tried using these two together…if so how were the results compared to using them each seperatly?

BETA-7 is purely a performance-enhancing supplement, meaning that it’s not going to cause an immediate increase in size. Creatine on the other hand typically causes uses to gain 5 to 10 pounds within 2 weeks.

Stacking them makes a lot of sense since their effects complement each other.

Actually I just got an order today I am starting both if your interested, I’ll let you know my results, I’m restarting on week 5 of rippetoe after stalling on acouple of lifts,
sorry for hijacking the thread

yeh let me know

I take around 7g of each per day like clockwork. I noticed a big difference in work capacity during repeated sprints.

I find that the performance increases were similar whether I used creatine or not, but I have only one month experience without the creatine, and have been taking both since then.

I purposely didn’t use creatine for one month prior to the beta alanine so I could see if it was the real deal. It most certainly is, the marketing does not do it justice.

Beta-7 is the only supplement I’ve taken regularly where I’ve actually noticed the difference. My endurance for multiple sets really jumps with 6g a day of this stuff.

I take both creatine and beta-alanine. I have noticed a huge difference in rep endurance and recovery.

How many of you guys have experience weight gain/water retention with creatine? I am curious because I am getting ready for a fight so I am trying to drop weight but still would like the increased work capacity.

I am currently taking BETA-7, which is really great for grappling/stand-up endurance, and I have creatine but may just wait until after the fight to start as I wont be too worried about weight. Any input is appreciated.

As Promised here is my 1 week update,
1st day lifting 2nd day taking Beta-7(6g) and 5g Creatine w/ Surge Post work out, no real noticable difference,

2nd Day lifting 4th day taking Beta-7(6g) and 5g Creatine w/ Surge Post work out, Heavy front squat day didn’t truly think I would get my 3X5 but I did, didn’t gas out!

3rd Day Lifting 6th day taking Beta-7(6g) and 5g Creatine w/ Surge Post work out, also had 1 serving Surge 1/2 pre, 1/2 during workout, holy crap I was killing my sets didn’t gas Pulled my previous 1 rep max 5X (New PR)

As far as Mdougherty40’s question I have not gained any weight in the last week, how ever if you are already lean(which I am NOT) you may get some water weight gain, hopefully I’m losing fat as Im gaining muscle.