Results from 10 days on Mag 10...

I made a post a couple of weeks ago that I was going to start with some Mag-10, well, here’s some preliminary results:

First, I just have to ask what Tim Patterson finds tasty? Dog shit? According to him, Mag-10 is great tasting. Well got news for ya Tim. It’s not.

Bodyweight Day 1: 218lbs Day 12: 226 (!!!)

Benchpress Day 1: 320lbs Day 12: 340

Barbell shoulder press, standing Day 1: 220 lbs day 12: 236

Upper arm measurment, cold day 1: 16’’ day 12 16 3/4’’

I’ve been training for a couple of years, and this is the first time since I started training that I have made big improvements on a weekly basis.

If Mag 10 doesn’t work, well then I am more than happy to pay for the placebo effect…

The conclusion is: Tim Patterson should be kept on a respectable distance from the grill in T-Mags BBQ’s, he know zilch about taste. Tim Patterson should evidently keep on developing awesome products.

I am extremely impressed, and want you guys on the staff to pour up an extra egg nogg for T-Tim. Give him a raise as well…

Uh, Bill Roberts developed Mag-10.

And, if Tim wants a raise, he gives it to himself:)

Actually, I believe Bill developed A1-E EC and 4-AD-EC, but that Tim developed MAG-10. In other words, Bill developed the molecules and Tim figured out how to combine them in a final product with an effective delivery system.

HD, Tim and I are often “arguing” in a good natured way over whose taste buds are whacked out. I admit it’s probably true that I have stronger aversion to some things than the average person, but I also think he has stronger tolerance for some things, e.g. the “burn” in MAG-10, than most. We’re probably going to disagree forever on how some things taste :slight_smile:

More precisely, I invented the A1-E and
4-AD-EC molecules (the parent androgens androst-1-ene and 4-AD were already known for decades of course) and was the one to choose them and to do the dosing work. I also provided a simple enough formulation method: I simply utilized the same method and materials as for the old bubblegum Methoxy-7 and this worked great for MAG-10 as well. However since then a company that does formulation work for pharmaceutical companies, giving high oral bioavailability to some pharmeceutical products that otherwise have low oral bioavailability, has been doing MAG-10 formulation for us (using that term in the sense of developing the liquid carrier and performing the manufacture; however in terms of specifying active ingredients and giving final approval to any changes, and for that matter deciding on any possible future changes, these aspects of formulation are in-house at Biotest.)

Hey Heavy Duty! Great results. I plan to do a cycle of Mag-10 this January coming. Can I ask what was your dosage (1 or 2) and did you front load? Also what exercise routine where you on? Im really curious about the exercise routine. I plan to follow a 3x3 as written in deepsquatter, i hope it works.