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Results Differ?

This year I plan on running 1 pro hormone cycle, if not a second one later in the year. Most likely, the first cycle will be late 2014/ early 2015, and the second one I would like to be finished by May/June of 2015. I’m not deadset on only using Msten and Super DMZ, however they just seem to fit my goals the best.

So, my question is how will the results differ from stacking Msten/Halo vs Super DMZ? How will my body comp differ between the 2 cycles? How will my weight gain differ? How will my strength and size change? I know that this will vary person to person, however I would appreciate opinions.

If anyone has any suggestions for a cycle instead of Msten and Super DMZ, I’m open to change. Just for the record, my goals are to gain some size and strength, and if I do happen to do a second cycle, my goals would be to get stronger and leaner.

how the fuck would we know how the drugs effect YOUR body? how about you run them for yourself? lol…

or better yet, man up and start pinning. testosterone will be WAY better for you than those hepatoxic drugs

Wow. Just wow. I hate ignorant fucks who think gear is gonna just do it all for you. LOL