Results Came In and I Have Trouble

heres my results!
first of all. im 6’2’’ weight 160 25 male and i train full body 3 days a week with cardio 2 days (off days). so today results came in very low on t level (blood tests are all fine. no lack of vitamins. ). i went to my general doctor (my endo denied injecting me) and he said he is willing to inject me. heres the thing, he says he might stop injecting me when i get to normal levels and he will inject me one week on one off. i read a lot and thats not good to do so. he also said i could wait until I get opinion from my psychologist (who actually was the one interested in knowing if i have low t since i went for her for depression) and see if she got contacts to help me out (like a good endo or uro) and to be honest i tried a lot of doctos but they only offer pellets and gels and not a life time. no one likes or believes in injections + here in Puerto Rico its extremely hard to find a knowledge doctor who knows about this + we just had hurricane Maria wreck us which led to MORE doctors who knows to leave puerto rico. here in puerto rico i called for 2 clinics (the only ones that appears online and they only offer pellets (wtf). The last endo i saw took 6-7 months to actually see her. i don’t know if i should go with what the general doctor offers or just wait until my psychologist think about my results (hopefully she understands it, but she said she offers gel. heres the thing, shes not even a doctor so I don’t know if she completely understands this) right now im trying to bulk up with 2600 calories per day. but should i hold my bulk until i get this figure out? or should i actually try to continue? my lifts are 180 bench, 160 squats (had to deload) and 185 deadlift. to be honest, i dont even know what my maintenance calories are or if im at a surplus. but i do knowmy energy is wayyyy down. can i actually manage to up my t level naturally? right now thinking i cant bulk makes me depressed and anxious like shit ;/ im stressed because i dont know what to do.

Symptoms: Low energy (the worst), full erection is hard, only erection when masturbating (currently no sex, need a girl but the motivation to get one is hard), extremeeeeeeeelyyyy hard to progress in the gym despite all my effort and diet, i sleep 6-7 hours,im constantly stressed out over little things (like this, i dont know how to fix this, try it naturally or try to find a doc who injects. this stuff stresses me out.) anxiety, and no motivation.

life issues: i always wanted to stay lean year round, avoided saturated fats like butter meats (until yesterday) i was anorexic (140 pounds) and i starved myself when i had stuff going on inmy life.

any other info you guys need ill try my best.

but my main concern is, im thinking of going natural and fix this because even if my general doc wants to inject, he doesn’t know a lot about this. the thing is, a LOT of people say its impossible to do it naturally which depresses me more.

sorry formy english.

6"2" 160 and are eating a low fat diet and doing a lot of cardio

Would this diet also be vegan?

Dude you are messing yourself up. Add fat to your diet, more food in general and your workout would be fine, if you were not in a state of starvation. Gain a little weight, you should get stronger gaining 10 lbs. Then take a new blood test. Im not sure if testosterone is a good idea right now. Though it would help you, You might be able to produce your own. Your diet and weight combined with working out are more than enough to shut down your natural production

I will let others chime in on the advisability of going strait to injections. If your goal is to bring back your natural production

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You’re definitely underweight, you should be 180-220 pounds at your height. Lots of guys believe being thin is good, while you think you must look good, it’s unhealthy. Starvation diets can tank a guys hormone levels and cause damage to your organs.

Stress will kill your testosterone levels and wreck your adrenal glands which respond to stress, once stressed your adrenal glands you will feel terrible. You have no hormone panel. Inject T twice weekly, gels don’t absorb well and pellets don’t workout well either.

like i said I currentlyCANNOT inject t since its hard to find a knowdledge doctor in puerto rico. i got everything check to go all natural. reduce stress, sleep more, eat more fat with cholesterol, etc and gain weight slowly to maybe up my t level naturally?

no no i dont have a low fat diet. i eat 25% or .45 x bodyweight but fat without cholesterol (meats,eggs cheese butter) and i think thats what messed meup. im going to try all natural by eating higher fat, reducing stress and gaining more weight.

@KSman hey! can you suggest anything from my results? :slight_smile: i have read a lot about you and im open to opinions from everyone.

I agree that would mess you up. Specifically it messes up the production of testosterone

I hear that will take care of you on line

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hey thanks a lot! well yeah i will probably stop the medication. i took one pill only and had extreme anxiety. i will go allnatural as possible taking more cholesterol, sat fat and reducing overall stress. i also want to check my thyroid and liver (this one seems to have taken dmg) i do not want to take trt or anything yet. what is defy medical tho? like i said i dont wish to do trt yet.

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Only one needing knowledge about injections is the patient!

You have not tested prolactin
When young men have low LH/FSH prolactin should be tested as cause could be a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. This is not a rare condition.

Eval overall thyroid function via oral body temperatures - see below.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet @KSman hello! today i got my prolactin test and results came in normal. this is a tough one.