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Results are In, I'm Low. What Now?


So my labs came in and showed that I have low test. (I will post the results below). So my GP has now recommended me to and endo and I have an apointment set up for next week and im not too sure what to expect. What the small amount that I have read, it sounds like all doctors are idots and I am going to be treated poorly. (This scares me). I feel like there is soo much info to learn and no time to do it in, I need a crash course on what I need to read, I am going to read though the stickies, but I wish I knew enough to be able to combat, or disagree with my endo when he says "Your find, and in "normal" range, so your good to go" which sounds almost inevitable from other posts.

Id really like to get my hands on either an article or youtube video lecture of kinda the CORE stuff that I need to know to be able to keep up with the doc during my appointment.

I really have all the symtoms of low t, along with massive depression thats just killing me. (I am super skinny, enimic, so im pale white now, thinning hair from the prednisone that I use to be on. I just look and feel like shit, and its adding to my negative self image which is making my depression worse) On top of the low-t, I also have crohns disease, and I mean a horrible case of it. I almost died last Nov from in, and I have been on the couch on medications for the last 11 months, lost a TON of weight, including all my muscle. (I am finally just starting to feel better with a new treatment plan they switched me to, so I am hoping that within the next few months, ill be back up and running well. )

So that being said, I am hoping that TRT+ Muscle memory will help turn me from this skinny fat blob that I am, into a nice looking guy. (I know diet and lifting is important) but I have never been able to get the results that my friends have gotten in the gym, and im suspecting that mgiht be because of my crohns and low-t. So im hoping I can go from the skinny kid from "The New Guy" movie, to as big as one of the guys from the movie Never Back down. So not even big, Just defined plump muscles. Nothing "Geared out" looking. I dunno. Im under the impression that getting on trt will help me in the gym, especially because I have low-t to begin with. and I really hope that I can find a doc thats willing to get me on the high side of normal, instead of just barely in the normal range.

Here are the tests that my GP had done for me. I dont really know what applies and what doesn't, so I will just post them all. I dont know what a lot of this even means, so please excuse me typing anything out wrong, or formatting it wrong etc..

Here are the results in no particular order.

Testosterone, Total: 145
Cortisol, Total: <0.5
Acth, PLasma <5
Folat, Serum 15.6
B12: 293

(Lipid Panel with reflex tp Direct LDL)

Cholesterol, Total: 185
HDL-Cholesterpl: 49
Triglycerides: 104
Iron Total 18
% Saturation 5
Iron Binding Capacity 332
LDL-Cholesterol 115
Alkaline Phosphate 38
Alt 8
Glucose 88
Urea Nitrogen (bun) 11
Creatinine 0.71
eGFR non-AFR American 129
eGFR African American 149
Sodium 138
Potassium 4.4
Chloriede 101
Carbob Dioxide 29

Then the list goes on to a bunch of stuff that im not sure would really matter.. I dont even know if most the stuff I posted besides my Testosterone really matters. (Ill post more if requested) - The other non posted tests are like potassium, sodium, red blood cell count, etc...

But, these are the tests, and Im going to and endo. Not really sure what I should be doing at this point, I just wanna feel good again, get healthy, and get some muscle back on me. And fast before this depression gets any worse.

Anyway.. Any Ideas? Tips? Things I should read? Help? or Comfort that anyone can provide for me would be great.



I wanted to add

Im 27, 5’11, 163-167 lbs.
Fallowing a paleo style diet due to crohns.

Symtoms: (pre-crohns) - Low / no sex drive, ed at times when I did hook up with my gf. Tired constantly, sleight depression, and at the time I was doing a rippetoe lifting workout, and noticed that my strength was dropping, body fat was rising, muscle loss, Intensity was dropping, and I was getting fatigued quickly.

After I got hit with crohns, All the symtoms got worse, and the depression got really bad.

From a completely just … whatever… all i have my mind set on is getting my body looking nice. My gf left me cus the crohns, and all I want is a nice body, and a vegas trip out at R3HAB pool party to get some ladies to get over my ex. lol. - And cus of my crohns/low-T, getting ripped isnt really possible. “Naturally”. Ill (in complete stupidity) do a cycle of test if I have to. Which is stupid, especially getting it from a ugl beacuse I have a low immune system. But the risks dont concern me right now beacuse of how depressed I am.

I dunno. that last part is a whole different self-esteem fucking issuse along with the depression. I dunno, just ranting.