Results: 2 Week Cycle

I just finished my first cycle
It was 2 weeks at just over 500mg test prop/week, injected about every 36 hrs
Added in dbol for the last couple days because i had it, and wanted to see how I responded.

No PCT planned, except for low dose (20 mg) dbol in the morning for 2 days after last shot of prop, ala Bill Roberts 2 weeks cycle.

Goals were to gain a little weight and mostly strength. I am an off season track athlete, but am focusing on lifting in this off season.

Starting weight: ~174
Ending weight: 188
Strength gains: minimal, only got real strength gains one I added in the dbol, but that was for such a short period of time it didnt really have much of an impact

This stuff packed on weight like nothing else. I was eating ~6000 cal/day, tons of protein. In the past when I tried to gain weight, no matter what i ate, I would gain maybe a pound or 2 over a couple weeks.

With the prop i gained about exactly a pound a day. Unfortunately It had little effect on strength, which was my main goal. However I did notice a difference after only a couple days of added dbol on strength.

I had no side effects. The only thing i noticed is that I didnt sleep very well (have you guys noticed that with test, i know peope talk about it with tren…), and that my workouts seemed less hardcore if anything (anyone else noticed this?). I dont know if anyone else had this experience, but I didnt feel any better i the gym compared to normal.

Im 19, and my friend and I both did almost the same cycle. I think this is an interesting note to make about teenagers on a cycle. I gained about 15 pounds, and he has gained 3. I think it has a directly to do with knowledge and application of training and diet.

We have both been lifiting for the same number of years, but I have gained a considerable amount more strength and size than he has, and have made it to Div I sports, and recently (and in the process of) setting some weight lifting records. I notice the difference in his training and diet, and can see EXACTLY why hes not making better gains.

I am under the impression that it is not exact age that one should be considering a cycle, but their ability to execute a solid training regimen and diet.

Conclusion: amazing weight gain, minimal strength gain without the dbol. We will see how much size I keep. No side effects. I am taking 2 weeks off and then doing another 2 week in similar fashion, but slightly higher dose and dbol throughout.

Good luck! Good post.

You know, actually my plan was to do 2 weeks of drol and oral winny or var, but i decided against it because 1) my source was temporarily out of them all and 2) i dont really like the idea of the longer (albeit slightly) detection time of drol

good post man, congrats.

Do you feel you gained a lot of muscle, or mostly bloat/fat?

The reason I ask is because you noted no strength increase.

gf24 how did you train? If you were not training for strength your gains would have been sub optimal there. Having said that you should have noticed something/anything

I’m no Roberts, but going by your results and goals, I would prescribe:

Week 1-2: Test Prop 300mg
Week 1-2: Tren Ace 200mg
Week 1-2: D-Bol 350mg
Week 1-3: A-dex .25mg E3D
Week 3: D-Bol 20mg ED

Taken using the same protocal and in a two week on, two week off fashion. You could replace the D-bol with Drol
and possably see better strength gains, and size. D-bol being the better choise in terms of detection. The A-dex helping with water retention and bloating. If symtoms do not subside, increase the dose frequency, not the dose itself. If anything the androgen will allow you to train harder, speeding up recovery, and allow you to consume more cals putting on lean mass. Like I said, I’m no Roberts, just what came to mind…



I feel like what i gained was muscle, but we will see over the next week or so if it stays. I am puzzled by the lack of strength increases as well. I think it might have had to do with how my training came out because i had to work a taper for a competition in the middle of the cycle.


I was training for strength, It was a kind of modified westside approach. The team i train with trains with westside, but i like to train everyday, so i have some extra volume on top of that. I know it might not be optimal to add days in like that, but I can stand taking days off very often - I feel too crappy


I would have loved to use tren ace, but the detection time is far too long.

gf24 I wonder if you overreached/ were overtraining? Perhaps your nervous system at least. The weight gain signals something was working right. Did you notice no increase on 1RM’s or on your rep work too?

Actually I thought about that possibility, and it might be the case. I have been lifting heavy and often for weeks on end, and the weights continue to go up. The test didnt help it go up any faster or slower, just added weight gain to the equation.

On the 2nd to last day of the cycle, however, with the dbol added for 2 days, I felt strong, and got a 10~ PR for reps in DB bench. I think im going to back off a little bit for this 2 weeks between cycles, so I can go all out again while back on.

Supps wise, I take Serge religiously, drink lots of protein shakes, take ZMA and melatonin (depends on sleeping patter of the week/night) and take a daily vitamin.

PR wise, I didnt get any big lift PRs, but i (barely, barely barely) failed at a 25 lb PR in the deadlift in the competition. I would have had it, but my meet day nutrition was off, and i had some meet problems.

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[quote]getfast24 wrote:
I take Serge religiously[/quote]

That Turkish guy…?

Its been about exactly a week since the last injection. So far I have lost about 2-3 pounds. I have also decreased my caloric intake, though, because I dont want to go into the next 2 weeks to heavy or I wont make weight for my next competition.

I have felt good to great for all of my workouts, and have noticed no side effects.

Look forward to the next 2 weeks on, I think I will keep the calories lower this time as to not gain as much weight, maybe even lose some fat.

[quote]getfast24 wrote:

I would have loved to use tren ace, but the detection time is far too long.


I was under the impression that Tren ace has a half like of only 2 days and therefore it only took about 2 weeks for 99.2% to be out of your system (7 half like is how long it takes for a drug to be 99.2% out of your system. If I am wrong can someone enlighten me?

I think you are wrong… due to certain metabolites that can remain in the system long after the drug has passed… take nandrolone for example 18 months.


I waited 2 weeks after the end of this and then started another 2 weeks.

Dose: 1st week: 700 mg/week prop
2nd week: 500 mg/week prop
40mg/dbol/day split into 2 doses

Results: Weight gain: about 10 pounds - max weight ~ 192

strength gains didnt go up much, but after the cycle I feel good and the weights have been FLYING up. wierd…

(Side) effects:
the 700 mg/wk was too much - besides prop pain -dropped to 500 for the 2nd week

  • a little acne, no prob though
  • didnt sleep well
  • test shrinkage - 2 weeks between cycles was not enough to stop shutdown
  • got test flu a couple times - max fever was about 100, but that is quite high for me. I got chills et al
  • didnt feel great in the gym for most of the cycle.
  • sex drive was actuall about normal

After the 2 weeks on, I have lost a little less than a pound a day. Im at about 184 right now. Also I decided to go on a lower calorie diet because I was feeling too big and wanted to shed some weight.

To be honest, I dont like this stuff too much. It is AMAZING for gaining weight, but it really didnt help too much in the gym. However, it helped me past an almost year long plateau on bench. (but i partially attribute that to getting weekly massages that helped my really tight pecs)

Note: Calorie intake for the 2 weeks was in the 5000-6000 range I think. basically ate as much as i possible could. Also i could tell that the more protein I ate the more weight id gain. ended up taking in tons of calories from shakes. Damn is it tiring to eat that much, i couldnt wait for the cycle to be over so i could go on a diet.

Also i broke state and american strength records in a meet while on cycle. but i attribute none of the strength to the gear

[quote]getfast24 wrote:

To be honest, I dont like this stuff too much. It is AMAZING for gaining weight, but it really didnt help too much in the gym. However, it helped me past an almost year long plateau on bench. (but i partially attribute that to getting weekly massages that helped my really tight pecs)

How often did you get the massages and how much time was in between your workout and getting the massage? My gf is a massage therapist and I really want to take advantage of that…but I’m not sure WHEN and how often to get them.

are u kidding. Ur first cycle was for two weeks? WTF. Why did u even do it. Are u that terrified that ur liver is going to fall out. I just don’t understand this. And u even suggest PCT for a two week cycle?? People on here are really starting to think about this shit too fuckin much. Its not that complicated.

Joe blow, thanks for being a dumb shit. You are very helpful. 1 )I Needed the gear to be out of my system in a short period of time
2) I wanted to try to avoid HPTA shutdown
3) I couldnt run while on the prop, and eeing as im a div I track runner, that was necesary for me
4) I had no need to run it longer, and 2 sets of 2 weeks has been proven to be very effective
5) I had HPTA shutdown after the 2nd set of 2 weeks and, yes the nolva made some difference. It also helped mood problems

Joeblow, do you even have a point?

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