Results: 105 kg Pro Strongman Nat. Championship

I did what I came to do, I would have been happy with any of the four spots to worlds in China, but 2nd by .5 points makes me a very happy camper. I’ll have more when I return home, here is a quick review from

COLUMBIA, SC - Wilmington, Delaware’s Kevin Nowack held off New England’s Brad Cardoza to win the IFSA-USA 105K Pro National Championship held at the Verizon Wireless South Carolina Strongman Championships at Total Gym, Columbia, SC on Saturday, August 13, 2005.

The 210-pounder, who trains in nearby Delaware County, PA with his brother Kirk, last year’s runner-up, did not win a single event. “His consistancy won him the title,” IFSA-USA president Dione Wessels said after the competition. It is the same formula used by Willie Wessels when he won the first-ever title last year in Ft. Worth, Texas. Wessels did not compete this year.

Nowack, who scored 47.0 points to Cardoza’s 46.5, now moves on to the IFSA World 105K Championships to be held in China later this year in a location and date to be announced. The top four finishers from Saturday’s competition advanced to the Worlds.

In addition to Kevin Nowack and Cardoza, Ryan Meyers (3rd place, 42.5 points) and Mike Johnston (4th place 40.5) also advanced.

awesome job. congrats!! When are the worlds in China?

Great job man. You do something others only dream of doing, be proud.


How does the strongman circuit work? Who goes to WSM?


AWESOME! Great job!

How about some pics!?

awesome lets see some pics man!

well done man, great achievement

Brad - Awesome job!!! Do you remember how Ben, Skeet, and Mazza did?

This was the final order

1 Kevin Nowack
2 Brad Cardoza
3 Ryan Myers
4 Mike Johnston
5 Brad Johnston
6 Chris Bogart
7 Eric Todd
8 Ron Mazza
9 Kirk Nowack
10 Scott Brengal
11 Ben Lambousis
12 Skeet Dunn
13 Rusty Kier

Brad great job!!! You are truly an inspration to all of us on T-Nation. What was the event that cost you the half point?

I would guess that every event he didn’t win cost him points of some kind? How can one event cost him the half point?

Anyway awesome job Brad. I have always loved watching strongman for the amazing strength but also because of the massive variation in events testing so many different strengths. You’re training must be real fun!

Congrats on the great finish Brad - look forward to reports of you doing well in China too :slight_smile:


At the risk of inducing flashbacks in the older readers…

Fuckin’ A!

Looking forward to more updates in the future.

I was there and I saw you guys compete. It was hotter than hell on the parking lot. Columbia has some good gyms.

[quote]vroom wrote:
At the risk of inducing flashbacks in the older readers…

Fuckin’ A!

Looking forward to more updates in the future.[/quote]

Vroom ol buddy ol pal … oh master of all things canucky.

I have long been confused on what you said …

is it “fcking A" … or is it "fcking eh”?

what is the rationale behind?