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Restructuring Workout/Meal Plan to Focus on Losing 2 Pounds Per Week?

Got married in the middle of last year. Obviously, these months I have gained some fat. I am currently at a 208, an I want to drop to 185. Before my wedding, this was my schedule:

  1. Monday Squats 531/ Bench Press 531
    Tuesday - 30 min Cardio
    Wednes - 30 Min Cardio
    Thursday Deadlifts 531/ Overhead Press 531
    My meals are these:
    Breakf - 3 egg white +glass of milk+light mozarella cheese sandwich+banana
    Snack - Piece of fruit
    Lunch - 120 grams of protein+salad+ 1/2 cup of carb
    Snack - Tuna
    Dinner - 120 grams of protein+salad+ 1/2 cup of carb+piece of fruit
    I calculate I am eating around 153 grams of protein per day.