restriction contradiction-A lonnie lowery question

what up LL.

I just read the second part of the article and some questions arose to my mind.
you made some great points about the preffered severity of the allready lean t-man diet and caloric deficit. you mentioned the “recovery week” from the diet as a slowly increasing controlled carb refeed. sounds very nice. but what about the start of the t-man diet? do you slowly cut calories and increase aerobic sessions length or do you go at it full throtle from the get go? also, do you lower carbs slowly like you upped them in the end of the diet or do you change to a ketogenic diet straight away? do you think like many, that the first two weeks of a diet should be ketogenic to enhance fat oxydization throughout the diet or its just not worth it?

appreciate your response
(and all other thoughts)

bumping for LL and everybody.
(what happened to timbo et al. BTW?)