Restricted Time To Train

Here is the thing. I can only work out 45-1hour a day Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri.

I’m looking to tone up.

I do my cardio at home, but was looking for a weight program to tone-up a bit.

Any thoughts?

Not trying to be unhelpful, but you really need to start reading the two stickied topics in this thread. Your questions are really, really broad, and seem to suggest that you haven’t done much reading here before. If you have, I apologize, but it seems you need to get some really general concepts sorted (i.e. what it takes to truly ‘bulk up’, balancing muscle training, etc.). If, after you’ve read, you have a more specific question, I think you’ll get loads more help here than you would otherwise. But in all honesty, I think you’ll get much more detailed information in the mean time in the articles pinned up top.

Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever… ever use the word tone unless you are discussing something musical.

Thank you.

Read the Beginner thread at the top of this forum first. You will find that most programs are designed to be completed in a hour.


Tone was actually taken from “Tonus” which refers to a muscles normal response to stimuli or muscular spasm, AKA a muscle contraction.

So unless you lack the ability to contract your muscles and move you have plenty of tone.

ABBH by Chad Waterbury. it will fit great


One problem I see here. First you used the word tone, which means you don’t read or post much on T-Nation. I will also assume you dont read or talk much about weights with people who really know what they are doing when it comes to weight training which probably means you yourself are not very experienced, which also means you are going to have a ton of trouble with some very basic lifts that any program on this site will contain. Learn how to correctly squat, deadlift, row and bench. Find a program that contains those lifts and learn them, take your time…

I think we also need to know if you are a male or female. Your usage of the word tone (one of the word’s primary meanings is a measure of resting muscle tension) makes me think that you are female, but we should know for your sake anyway. Also, we need more specific info after you’ve read the stickies at the top of this forum.

Oh, and as it’s your first post here, welcome to the Nation.

Btw, it will benefit you greatly to have a goal or goals. Specific goals. Eg–instead of “I want to lose weight”, a more specific goal would be “I want to lose x % body fat by Y date.” Make yourself accountable. And strive to be more than average. Short term goals, long term goals. One of the Nation’s functions is to hold people to a higher standard, or at least a higher ideal than they will find in this modern, sedentary, lazy world. We test ourselves and our souls, to see if we measure up to the principles which we set before ourselves.

One other thing. Put on your thick skin around here. This place was designed to be a “locker room” type place for guys to basically be manly and not Politically Correct or metro. Also, somewhat as a result of that, is that many people here will put newbies (or vets for that matter) through a crucible if they start posting things that they should first try to look up and read themselves. We’ve got almost 10 years worth of articles in the archives, so it’s guaranteed you’ll have questions, but do some reading first. Good luck