Restricted Ankle Mobility, Can it Be Overcome?

Having a lot of trouble with ankle mobility, dorsiflexion. Feel restricted in pretty much anything in life. A physio told me I have 2 cm ankle dorsiflexion, 8 would be ideal.

I try to squat and it looks like this:image

Done calve stretches and PVC pipe rolling on calves to the point of not feeling anything.

I feel like the first exercise is my only hope

The worst part is I don’t know what’s causing it. Whether it be a tight achilles or a restriction in the front of the ankle (talus).

Has anyone actually overcome this problem??

If anyone’s in QLD, Australia and you found a physio/weightlifting coach that saved you from this, tell us!

Dorsiflexion electrical stimulation? Ya might look into it, but I’m not sure if it’s a genetic, scar tissue etc. I had three stress fractures in my shin, torn ligaments in my ankle, Strained and pulled calf muscles, etc. too many sports, I suppose…or not…

However, I have a good ole pro stretch, commit to flexibility and muscle balance. As a habit, I still find myself “doing the abcs” with my ankles. Idk your situation, but throughout my life, I’ve always hit electrical stimulation, listened to my body’s needs (became familiar with what works). I’ve never had what you are dealing with as I usually had trainers and drs instructing me.but there are lots of people here that might have your situation.

Good luck, and with that range, I’d be careful of injuries…

Paul Carter mentioned calf training (not stretching, but like actually hypertrophy work) helping with squats and ankle mobility. Look up his calf article from I think…December 2018? Should be around there. No idea if it’s true but you can try it.

It’s very difficult to overcome, especially as you age. Best bet is to be consistent with stretching and strengthening the calf complex.

Before and during squatting, stretch them out. Try doing your calf work prior to squatting.

Squat to a pain free, safe depth. Not a CM below.

I have severely restricted ROM and dorsiflexion in one of my ankles. A step stretcher like this has been the difference between mobility or not for me:

Step Stretch Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker Medi-Dyne Step Stretch, Green - Google Search