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Restrepo Documentary

What did you guys think of this film?


I’ve been meaning to watch it. I am reading the book that was written about the soldiers in the Korengal(sp) valley, that corresponds with the movie.

pretty good movie


I saw this in a small, indie theater in Dallas and absolutely loved it. One of the soldiers who had fought in the Korengal Valley was sitting right behind me so that was pretty emotional.

Wow, definitely want to see that.

It’s pretty interesting look into what being deployed in Afghanistan (specifically the Korengal Valley) is like. Not really a typical documentary.

For anyone else who has seen it, that Cortez guy looks like he was horribly mentally fucked by his deployment.

Why did all the old Afghan men have weird coloured beards?

The site is not liking my edit, I meant Afghanistan not Iraq

[quote]therajraj wrote:
Why did all the old Afghan men have weird coloured beards?[/quote]

(sometimes) with henna, but i dont know why.

i liked the documentary because of their recognition that self-sufficiency is necessary before we get out.

that was on national geographic channel 2 mondays ago I believe, i missed it

caught part of it, thought it was great. Was disappointed that they didn’t show the firefight, until I found out they lost the two guys. Then I was glad they didn’t because you know the families watched it, and who wants to see their loved ones shot? That would be pretty messed up…