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Restoring Hormone Levels


Does anyone know how long it takes for hormone production and metabolic rate to return to normal after a period with a caloric deficit (say, for example, 12 weeks)?


128 to 154 hours max. Anything more than that and you should go see a doctor.


I figured about a week.


Dude I was being sarcastic. You asked a questioned that cannot be answered with any sort of accuracy. One would need to know exactly how "damaged" your rates were due to the restriction period, if any, and the typical rate at which YOUR body responds to change. Not to mention you would NEVER know when this result is reached without extensive blood tests.


I was never looking for a precise time period. I was looking for a ballpark estimate. I know there are all sorts of variables - but it is still possible to give a general time frame.


no no it really isnt. man if it took a LONG time to down ramp them and it was long term it can effect sooo many other things in the body and can take a LONG time to correct. It just depends Like the above said only real way to know and smart choice is o get blood work and take the guessing out of it. If you really feel there is a problem



Don't get me wrong - I'm not asking because of a personal issue. Just am interested to know.

I know very little about endocrinology, and I understand that a long period of depression can necessitate a long period of resolution. However, it would seem to me that hormonal production and metabolic rate would at least be brought back to a reasonable level once the system realizes that food is now in good supply and "starvation" is no longer a threat.

Can anyone point me to any good sources on this?


Don't get me wrong. I don't have a personal issue with it - I was just interested to know.

I understand that a long period of hormonal depression will necessitate a longer recovery. However, it would still seem that hormonal levels and metabolic rate would return to a reasonable level after the system realizes that "starvation" is no longer a threat.

If anyone can point me to good sources on this, I'd appreciate it.




(OK seriously, try: www.pubmed.com )