Restoring Balance: Upper Body Size

Most of my experience training has been lower body dominant with heavy compou8nd movements: squat, deadlift, etc…

As a result, I have thick legs, glutes, spinal erectors, and midsection.
My upper body, however, has become shoulder dominant.
This gives me some appearance of width from the front and back(lats are dominant also), but lack of arm, chest and trap thickness leaves me looking flat and skinny from the side.

My game plan to correct this as follows:
Day 1: Running Man(Interval Running)
Day 2: HS-100 Chest (thickness)
Day 3: OFF/ABS
Day 4: Running Man(Interval Running)
Day 5: HS-100 Back (thickness)
Day 6: OFF/ABS
Day 7: HS-100 Biceps/Triceps*

*Biceps/Triceps session from original “The Most Powerful Program Ever?” article

Progression from week to week will also be followed as outlined in original HSS-100 program.
Running man sessions will be with very conservative(easy) intervals with linear progression over time.
Interval running should be sufficient for metabolic conditioning in place of resistance training for the legs.

Kcal levels will be adjusted at maintenance over an 8 week period and slightly above maintenance for the remaining 8 weeks of the program.

I expect some net gains, but my main goal is a more balanced physique through a shift in mass and a leaner upper body.

That’s the plan…
I’m looking for any input, suggestions or advice I can get before I start the program monday.

Feel free to chime in with anything relevant.

So what you’re doing is 3 specialization programs (HSS) for 3 bodyparts all at the same time?

I believe the reason you do specialization is to bring up one bodypart, maybe 2 closely related. This plan is not a good idea. It might be wiser to follow a program of just getting a good workout for each muscle group in the upperbody, but not a full fledge specialization.