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Restore Proper Function and Get Strong!

So here are my goals, my exercise program and a bit about me.

My goal is:
a) Correct my posture and become strong in Squat, Deadlift and Overhed press.
b) Restore proper function of my shoulders so I can do overhead press without my acromion bugging me.

Books I’ve been reading
Starting strength - Mark Rippetoe
Diagnosis and treatment of movement impairment syndrome.

My exercise program

Monday: legs and core
Gobblet Squats 3x10 10RM
Dead lift 3x10 10RM
ab-rollouts with wheel. 3x10

Tuesday: Shoulder recovery and strengthening + Core.
Bent over rows 3x10 10RM
Prone horizontal shoulder abduction
Lower trapezius exercise (kind of like a military press just with elastic
Serratus anterior activation exercises.
Wood chop exercise (for external + internal obliues)

Wednessday: legs and core
Thursdag: Shoulder recovery
Friday: legs and core
Saturday: Shoulder recovery
Sunday: Watch TV and eat food :smiley:

I still can’t do Overhead Press exercises because my acromion gets irritated, so I’m trying to figure out how to correct my shoulder problem so I can begin overhead Press. I also have upper cross syndrome so I’m going to wait with the horizontal press (like bench press) exercises, and focus on my shoulder adductors (trapezius and rhomboideus)

The problem with my shoulder?
It my shoulderbalde only externally rotates 45 degree, instead of the optimal 60 degree.
What I’m doing now is to strengthen my lower trapezius and my serratus anterior which work together in outwards rotation. I’ve been doing his for a while with still no results, so I’m trying to look for new exercises that might help me achieve the optimal condition for Overhead Press.

I have left lumbar scoliosis, but it seems that squat and deadlift combined with ab rollouts helps reduce the pain. This might be because these exercises restore my kinetic muscle chain, so they work more efficiently + the core strength (transversus abdominis, multifidus, external and internal obliques and rectus abdominus)

Here is a picture of my lack of outward shoulder rotation.