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Restoration and Recovery

I was just reading an article on T-mag, I believe it was Accomodating Resistance by Dave Tate. It mentioned restoration activities widely practiced by Eastern European athletes and how seriously they take recovery. Now im just a poor college kid and can’t afford a massage after every workout, but what ideas could you give me for recovery activities (preferably inexpensive) other than the obvious stretching and heaps of protein. Thanks always for your insight.

There’s nothing cheaper than filling your tub with ice and taking an ice bath immediately after workouts. This cuts down on post-workout soreness tremendously! (It aint fun, though!) It’s also more practical for lower body.

Contrast showers are another inexpensive way to rid your body of toxins and decrease your recovery time between workouts.

And don’t forget your post-workout shake! Have it IMMEDIATELY after your workout is completed!