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Restless Training

My story:
It seems I have taken on more than I can handle on a daily basis. With the combination of everything going on right now I will get anywhere from 3-8 hours of sleep to get most of my work done.

I am recently eating big.

My morning shake is usually:
Banana, Grow! Whey, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, milk & ice.

Right after that i’ll have a 2 egg omelette with cheese and peppers.

While at work I eat two wraps with Applegate Farms lunch meat (chicken, roast beef and cheese), nuts, clif bars(medium GI) and drink Kefir, V8 and water. I usually reach about 2000 cal by the end of the work day.

After work I’ll have lunch meat or tuna steaks. To wrap the night up I have another shake:
Chocolate Metabolic Drive, natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, water and ice. (better than ice cream) That’s over 3000 cal/day

I am using CW’s total body training. I look forward to deadlifts(265 max), squats, dips, pull-ups(8), BB bench etc. (switching exercises regularly)

My real dilemma is that some days, like tonight, I will go to the gym and then go do work until 3am and get a few hours of sleep.

I also go rock climbing on Tue which eliminates a day at the gym. I go to the gym Mon and Thur. I enjoy Spike before working out (could use some energy!) and Surge during and after.

I’m 170 (160 a month ago), not very strong (yet), and hoping that I’m not entirely wasting time. I will get more rest during the summer.

Is my diet ok? Is my lifestyle hopeless for real gains? I’ve lost all muscle definition in my abs but I don’t care (for now), bulking is bulking right? I won’t stop going to the gym, just curious.

Youve gained 10lbs in a month are you getting stronger?? Its only a month as well id say quit worrying stressesing so much over it and do it.

life is stressful now dont further add to that. Eat enough for your goals, make it good food if you miss a meal, eat some junk once twice, blow it off and get roillin again.

We all have hard times just go do what you can rest as much as you can, etc gains will come


Yes. I was just making sure nothing stood out as a problem, other than sleep.