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Restless Nights,Sleep Aid/Doug K.

Just can’t seem to get a full nights rest w/o waking up several times. Call it anxiety, uneasiness, STRESS!!!
I’ve heard that there are some products out there that really work. Any suggestions or personal experiences would really be appreciated.

Many would reccomend Kava Kava…however, I have never found an OTC pre-prepared product that was even in the slightest bit worthwhile. The only good Kava I’ve had has been imported as whole roots from Vanuatu and processed by yours truly…which can be a pain in the ass for anything other than an occasional change of pace.

However, I recall two herbs mentioned in t-mag.com a month or three back…agh what were they…one was something like Elephant’s Ear (I forgot the scientific name), and the other one was Mitrangea Speciosa…I know the first part of that name was misspelled, but I’m sure someone familiar with the stuff will know what I’m talking about. So, regarding the latter herb, I have NOT been able to find it ANYWHERE, despite the comments in the article that said it was available. Can anyone PLEASE give me a hint regarding a retailer which might have this plant, in prepared or herbal form? Thanks so much in advance!

Hi, sorry to hear that you are not having a good night sleep. Have you been evaluated for a sleep disorder? Many clinical trials are ongoing on new, good medicines for aiding in sleep without the hangover feeling the next morning. I have had great success with melatonin 1mg, kava-kava 120 mg (kavalactones) taken 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep. Some like Ambien, I don’t though. If you look at some of the Alternative Pharmacist columns I list some new herbals good for relxation.

Good luck!

Are there any name brands that I should lean towards/away from? Thanks for the suggestions.

I started taking GABA (approx. 4 grams 30 mins before bed) about a week ago after a short stint of insomnia. It took a few days to kick in, but it’s working really well for me now. If you decide to try this, I hear that the powder form is the way to go. I got mine from AST.

If the melatonin does not work, try inositol (B vitamin) 500-1000mg works very well for some people.

Valerian, Kava kava and melatonin all work for me.

Have sex or masturbate. Whatever is available. No BS.

Yeah, the GABA from AST is great. And sex definitely helps too - AND you’ll fall asleep with a smile on your face :slight_smile:

you could also be overtraining.