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Restless Legs at Night Following Leg Day

I didn’t know which topic to put this under so feel free to move it.

Over the last month or so after leg day I get really restless legs at night which is keeping me awake. It’s almost like tingling/ cramp but not quite and mostly in my feet/ calves.

Anyone else have this and have any tips? Google was pretty useless, I’m not on TRT or anything like that.


I get this. Try taurine daily and a good multi. Advil liqui-gels will kill quickly and completely it if it gets really bad, but not a good habit to get into.

Happens to me too. Usually right up in my ankles. Sometimes a bit of salt on my tongue helps. Sometimes a heating pad, sometimes ice. Just depends. As stated above some pain killers can help too.

It gets really uncomfortable depending on what I’ve done that day. Standing at day at work sparks it, large volume of squatting does it as well. Sometimes me weighing more causes it too.

Have you ever tried taking a casual stroll in the evening before bed?

Stretch :slight_smile: