Restless Leg Syndrome

I’ve just been diagnosed with this - apparently, I’ve been running 10Ks in my sleep (you’d think I’d be a lot thinner).

Between the “” site and a search of the T-forum, I’ve seen the following suggestions:

  • Supplement with iron (multiple blood tests show that I am mildly anemic).
  • Knock down/off the caffiene - it just delays symptoms, it doesn’t get rid of them.
  • Supplement with potassium, calcium, and/or magnesium (albeit not at the same time).
  • Drink 3-4 glasses of tonic water a day for the quinine (sp?).
  • Do relaxation techniques, yoga, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I’d be appreciative of any confirmation of this information via personal experience, and/or any impact this has had for your training. I know for me, my training has sucked the last 6-8 months 'cause I was too doggone tired (historically, I’ve gotten up at 4:30am - done it for years).


T.E. Young

so your telling me that when your asleep your legs are just moving all over the place on their own?

Well, I haven’t seen the tape, at least not yet (I was taped sleeping by a sleep-disorder center at a local hospital). But apparently my legs and arms do jerk around while I sleep.

I guess Rover isn’t the only one chasing cars in his dreams…


I used to Flinch like that …Just upper body though…I once almost through my gal out of the bed because she was sleeping on my shoulder…I finally quit either because I stopped taking some meds or I was tired of my lady giving me rib shots while I was sleeping…Are you taking ANY meds?

thats some trippy shit!

Meds - 100mg Zoloft/day. For about 8 months. I’ve been increasingly fatigued during all this (gimme 10 minutes, I can be asleep), and some depression set in. I called the doctor today, and asked if I should continue the Zoloft, given what we now know. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet.


I believe the flinching during the initial stages of sleep are referred to as myoclonic jerks. That sudden jerk that wakes you shortly after resting your head on the pillow.

You might take a look at this site for your RLS diagnosis. I found the message boards here to be fairly helpful.

ITS THE ZOLOFT…Same shitt I was on…If you need it ask them to change the med…if you feel alright try to ween yourself off…Thats what I did and I quit spazing in my sleep…

If you stop taking your meds, be sure to inform your doctor and ask for his supervision.

MIGHT NOT BE THE ZOLOFT. My rls faded and completely went away when i went on zoloft…