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Restitution; Combining Lifting with Boxing

Factors relevant for restitution: 41 year old, father of five (3,4,7,9,11), stressful job at mental hospital (clin.psych), personell conflicts etc. I get around 6 hours sleep average (often interrupted).

I have lifted systematically for 4 months and progress has stalled. I weigh 240 pounds (around 20% fat) @6ft3. Squat 300 Deadlift 370 Bench 250 Press 160. Have followed a 3 day full body program (big six) with daily undulating load (multi year training app). Reverse pyramid sets of 3.

A: squat, bench, rows
B: dead, press, chins

Mon: lift (a or b)
Tue: boxing (ropes, circle training and sparring)
Wed: lift
Thu: boxing (ropes & bag work)
Fri: rest
Sat: lift
Sun: rest

Am I as I suspect getting too little restitution, or do I need to increase volume (accessory work) to get past the plateau? If restitution is the problem, how can I combine boxing and lifting in a good way?

[quote]blundby wrote:
I have lifted systematically for 4 months and progress has stalled.[/quote]
What goal have you been working towards and what progress have you seen in these 4 months?

If progress has actually stalled, I’d take it as a chance to ditch that app. I looked around and couldn’t find any information about the qualifications of the designers, which leads me to believe it’s, at best, a few guys who might lift and thought it’d be neat to make a workout app regardless of the quality of training info they put out.

If you’ve hit a plateau (and I’m not really sure how you’re defining the term), more doing accessory work is almost definitely not the answer. But again, your goals are kinda important to know before determining the next step. Is the boxing for competition, for fat loss, or just as a hobby? How long are the boxing sessions? If they’re like, under an hour of stop and go practice and learning, that’s one thing. If they’re 2 hours of non-stop hitting, that’s something else.

What does your current nutrition look like? If you’re having problems recovering, that would be something to look at before the training actually. Those 4 training days in a row, Monday to Thursday, could require more fuel to recover from, in terms of calories and/or macros like protein, carbs, or fat, depending on how you’ve been eating.