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So, how often does everyone here take a break from lifting? I’m currently in a week off period, but haven’t taken time off training since 1.5 years ago. I often get caught up in training and forget to rest…anyone else?

I’m the type of person who rarely ever takes a week off from training. I just like it too much! I am currently in a routine where I train 6 days per week in the gym and take Sundays off for rest. So far, I don’t feel “overtrained” and if I did, I know it would be time to change things up a bit. I’m hitting legs 3 times per week and maintainance for everything else…so all is good. I plan on doing this till the end of the year than I am going to give Westside a go.

i know what you mean about getting caught up!! I was sick and took the weekend off sat and sun,that is the most rest i have had since i was sick a few years ago.I know we need our rest but somthing about it makes me paranoid and guilty,i am guessing im not the only one who feels this way on this site though…

Check out The Man With A Plan II over at JohnBerardi.com where it talks about taking a back off week every 3 where you do 40% less volume of your usual workout…this is what I am doing right now…I just finished 3 weeks of Anti-BB and am going to do another 3 but this week I am only doing about 40% volume, example: 5x10 days = 3x10 or 5x6 with weight/percentages of week 2 and 10x3 days = 6x4…

I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but if you can’t take a day or two off of lifting without feeling guilty, you’ve got some self-esteem issues.

sorry bro i guess im not perfect…

just had 8 weeks off b/c of rugby and school and the occasional strained body part (wrist ligaments and both ankles). Not something I enjoy doing, but 20 hours of school and 2 hours of intense practice 4 days a week (games on sat), leave me helling exhausted.