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resting my body

I think i workout too much everyday like redman said. I work the chest(20 sets 6 reps),the abs(crunchs 50 sets 3 reps) and the biceps(concentration curls.8 sets 20 reps) everyday aswell as the legs(20 sets of squats 2 reps)and i work out the obliques and back… after workout i take 50g of protein and then jog a good 30 min. everyday exept monday. is this too much

YES, it is TOO much. As was said in your previous thread, cut your workouts in half. 3-4 days a week (4 being the MAX of days).

What are your goals? To lean up? To gain LBM? If you haven't, read the FAQ section- and if you have, re-read it.

Is this a joke? If not for how long have you been doing this? Take a week off and spend those 3 hours a day you used in that CNS frying attempt of an workout reading T-mag.

20 sets a day at the most man…20 sets…

One of the older Dawg School columns at T-mag had a list of common splits. Adopt one! Then start working your way through the FAQ section. You’ll be glad you did. www.t-mag.com/articles/faq.html

To much for WHAT?

What’s the goal here? If it’s to become a Calvin Klien Model…it’s just fine…

Unless you taking about 10 grams of T a week, it is probably way too much. Go thru the back issues and get a sensible workout, such as EDT.

I think this is a joke post from Coach Poliquin. C’mon Chuckie, 'fess up!

Looks like you’ve got the discipline and the desire, now try educating yourself (on diet and training). If you were to put this effort into doing things the right way, you will make great progress.

Damn Brother. You got heart but you ain’t too smart. Look up some of Coach Davies workouts. If you have the urge to train that much, you will love his workouts and the active rest aspect of them.

as long as you are improving in your goals then you are accomplishing something. It might not be the most efficient way, but it might work. Other wise you might be just maintaining your body. laters pk

no. keep up the good work and throw in 5 sets of deadlifts into your workout

Somewhere in there you forgot to explain what your goals are? You can’t get help w/o revealing what it is that you are after (just for starters). I think this question got accidentally re-routed from “Muscle Media” over to t-mag.
If you follow t-mag, you know better…