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Resting Metabolic Rate - Help Interpreting the Numbers

I got my Resting Metabolic Rate tested earlier this week. I need some help interpreting the numbers.

Duration 13:11 min
METS 1.1
RQ 0.82
REE 2339
KCHO 974
KFAT 1375

Some more background. I had not eaten for about 15 hours when I took the test. It was laying down in a quite area. I got this done because I wanted to see if I had gotten any metabolic damage done through the dieting I have done for the last 18 or so years.

Heaviest body weight: 310+ (stopped weighing myself when I saw that on the scale.)
Current body weight: 190lb 21%BF (verified through hydro-static testing and maintained for two years)

I think this shows that I really dont have the signs of a lot of metabolic damage. However the technician told my that the RQ value was pretty high for someone in a fasted state. She recommended that I talk to my doctor about thyroid testing. For comparison, I did this with friend, who had an RQ in the low 70’s.

First is she right? Could the RQ number simply be the result of a high protein diet? Second, can I do anything to shift this more towards a fat burning metabolism when I am fasted?

Thanks for the feedback

RQ I wouldn’t worry about at all. Respiratory quotient is basically the ratio of volume CO2 to O2 oxidized. You’re fine metabolically speaking, and unless you feel bad I really wouldn’t worry about thyroid testing. What is your current calorie daily intake and macros?

Yes RQ values change depending on diet make-up.

On lifting days (4 days a week):
I shoot for 200 to 225 gms of protien daily ~ 850cals
Unfortunately, i stopped tracking fat and carbs daily about a year ago. I should get back in the habit. I generally eat 2 servings of fruit, and 4 servings of vegetables. Fat, around 10 tbsp. I have tracked a day or two though, and I am generally right around 2600-2700 cals total most coming from protien and fat.

on non lifting days:
200 to 225 gms of protien daily ~ 850cals
50 gms of carbs ~ 200 cals
4 tbsp of fat ~ 500 cals

and I do a 24 hour fast every monday

Ok. You’re basically on a low carb diet that borders on ketosis, and your RQ reflects that, reflecting use of keto acids (‘protein’) and fats as fuel. No mystery here.

I would suggest you work on adding some carbs around your workout period, even if you don’t choose to add them to the rest of your day.